Thanksgiving Snowshoe

Along with winding 17 skeins of yarn (I always bring my swift and cake winder when I visit my momma), Nick, Mona Lisa and I took to the snowy mountains and went for a winter hike before chowing down on Thanksgiving.IMG_2938

I’d never been snowshoeing before (I know, I can’t believe it either) but I absolutely want to go back! I love hiking, I love the snow (and so does Lisa, that dog is hilarious with the snow) and it’s a perfect match when you wear those oversized flipper things with the spikes on the bottom.IMG_2934

Excellent way to work up an appetite, get some exercise and enjoy this beautiful state we live in!IMG_2933

Oh, and get a laugh when the other person falls repeatedly and all you can do is snap pictures instead of offering a helping hand…IMG_2916

Working Vacation

I like to incorporate a little bit of work and a little bit of play into every day but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get out of town and have a little bit of special time away from the city. IMG_0651

Sometimes you just need to get out of town, you know? My version of a perfect vacation involves mountain driving, mountain fun and my favorite folks and canines.IMG_0645

This week my pup, my mister and I headed south to Pagosa Springs (a place I frequent) to spend some time in the mountains and with my folks.  We’ve gotten some snowboarding, microbrews (and car troubles, for good measure) and quality time in while also getting work done (because we’re both those types of people who enjoy the work they do).IMG_0620

How do you like to vacation?  Do you take working vacays?

My Holiday

I’ve been away from the city, the internet and cellphone service for a few days hanging out with my folks in the mountains of Southern Colorado over the Thanksgiving Holiday. It’s always amazing how renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated I feel after some time with family in the mountains!IMG_5987

I hope your weekend (holiday in the US, regular November weekend for the rest of the world) was just as renewing as mine.IMG_6037

I know I’ve got another month left in the year but the calendar is already chock-full for December!  I’m going to be teaching some knitting classes beginning on Wednesday (more beginner classes will be scheduled for January!) and I plan on freshening up the shop as well, but most of my plans consist of cleaning out 2014 and preparing for an amazing 2015!IMG_6051

What are you up to for the rest of this year?  Seems like a short one, no?  It just flew right on by!

The above photo was taken at Yarn in Durango, Colorado (I just love visiting that store!)

A Weekend in the Mountains

IMG_0903The Mountains are my favorite place to be.  It doesn’t matter what part of the world the Mountains are found, or what name they go by, I just love Mountains.IMG_0883

This past weekend, the long Labor Day weekend here in the US, I was able to load up the family (the dogs and Jake and I) into the car and we headed north (some of us enjoy car trips more than others).IMG_0740

We were able to do all the things I love about mountains, hiking, pictures, history, water, foliage, clouds and few other people.IMG_0967



Did I mention that we hiked? Because, well, we did. And we liked it.IMG_0899

Even if the doggies were exhausted afterwards.IMG_0982

And, of course, we indulged in the local beverages (original picture from Instagram).

What did you do this past weekend?

Visiting a Small Alpaca Farm

The other week when I was in Pagosa Springs I got the chance to hang out with these cute little guys at Hummin’ Heaven Ranch!IMG_9299

The couple that started this little farm fell in love with alpacas when they visited the Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival a few years ago and now they have 5 of their own.  IMG_9320

They had just been sheared the day before we visited, so you could easily see the shearing lines, but not all the long hairs had been cut, look at that eyelash!IMG_9318

After they shear the animals, they send the fiber off to a mill and it comes back to them in yarn form.  Each of the labels have a picture of the animal it was spun from.  Handling the different yarns was really interesting because I’d just visited the animals themselves.  The ages of the animals, the softness of the yarn, their individual colors – it was a great educational experience!IMG_9333

If you’re in the area, I strongly suggest you visit this cute little farm!  They don’t have a website, but are located at 2112 Roberts Place, a little more than 10 miles south of the town center in a gorgeous little valley with a little creek nearby and lots of friendly neighbors.

On an unrelated note, Tomorrow is Race Day!  I’m not taking my computer with me this weekend, so if I don’t respond to comments or emails right away, just know that I’m running up, and then down, a mountain!

The Artist Within – A Homegrown Shop in a Homegrown Town

IMG_9244During my time in southern Colorado, my momma and I made sure to visit the Local Yarn Store (which also happens to be the cutest little locally grown store around).  The Artist Within is a yarn store, jewelry boutique, button and bead outlet and hosts a number of other locally produced goods. IMG_9217

Carol, the owner, is one of the nicest, sweetest, most fun people to talk to!  She is passionate about her wares and her yarns (and all the other goods) are all locally sourced and produced in the USA.  She carries yarns that I’ve never seen – some from local spinners and dyers, and some from other small mills around the country.IMG_9219

As picky as I am, I usually leave yarn stores empty handed.  This time, that was impossible.  I couldn’t decide between the beautiful yellow of this wool and the crazy soft purpley-grey of this alpaca/merino blend (the product of a local color master).IMG_9259

The yellow isn’t the only beautiful color from Shepherd’s Wool, my momma had visited the store previously and shown off the wonderful red/black and on our return trip, she came home with the grey too.IMG_9261

The purpley-grey color I came home with is a locally sourced, colored and spun Alpaca/Merino Blend from Fiber Tales, a local Durango yarn producer.  IMG_9254

If you’re in the area, I really, highly, recommend visiting this little shop and saying hello!

WIP Wednesday

I’m still in Pagosa Springs enjoying my time with my momma!  Benefit of having a momma who knits is that when we get together we do a lot of knitting, so vacation is absolutely just the way I wanted it to be 🙂IMG_9173

I’ve got quite a few projects going right now, two seekrit, one less than seekrit, really.  I’m making another version of my Spring Crinkle Beanie for a dear friend:IMG_9069

Also, this project is still growing, slowly but surely and will be ready for the world later this month!IMG_9136

Linking up with Tami, as usual!  What are you working on this week?

Spending Some Time Up North

Late last week (or early in the weekend, depending how you look at it) I packed up the dogs and headed up to visit some family.IMG_9101

Saturday morning my Dad and I went for a training run (11 miles!) in the canyons nearby.  You may recall I signed up for the Leadville Heavy Half Marathon on June 29th.  Both my Dad and I are running it and I am so happy that we can do it together!  IMG_9144

After the run and an appropriate breakfast (Girlscout cookies and beer, anyone?), I drove even farther north and have been spending the past few days in Pagosa Springs visiting my mom and her dogs.  Having 5 canines who don’t always get along is almost difficult, but we’ve got plenty of knitting to keep us preoccupied!IMG_9129

What have you been up to?  Did you do anything fun this weekend?

A Snow Trip!

This past weekend my guy, myself and some friends drove up to Southern Colorado to spend the day playing at Wolf Creek.  The drive up on Saturday saw some interesting weather – we don’t see fog in the southwest ever often and it was a pretty thing to drive though and I think the juxtaposition with the quintessential red rocks in the area was really pretty.DSCN1812

The drive to the mountain on Sunday saw more interesting, low-laying clouds like this one over a pretty blue barn set in a picturesque meadow just south of Pagosa Springs.IMG_20130310_081514_672

I knit on the drive, of course, working on my Candy Skein design which I’ll talk a bit more about tomorrow! (Yes, I sit cross-legged in the car most of the time)DSCN1814

What did you do this weekend?

4th of July Weekend Roadtrip

I went on a little road-trip this weekend with two of my roommates and our three dogs, kind of played it by ear and decided some things on a whim and of course it was a blast!

We started off driving to Colorado Springs Friday night, met some friends, had a beer, slept for, oh, an hour, woke up at 3 am on Saturday and drove to surprise my mama in Pagosa Springs.

sunrise saturday

Successful surprise-session then driving through Silverton to get to Ouray where we camped Saturday night.

silverton, co

Sunday we woke up late (8am is late when you’re camping), enjoyed a leisurely morning and did a small hike before driving back to Lakewood.

ouray, co

Of course, knitting came with me on the trip and I did get a substantial amount done.

traveling stitches

You can see here my Malabrigo lace project for which the border was finished and the body stitches picked up.  In the background you can see the sweater project (and the knee bruise is one of many from Garden of the Gods last weekend).

What did you do for the holiday?