How to Style the Sweaters from Cozy Fall Light

Kirsten, Teresa and I thought it would be fun to show you guys how we would each style the three sweaters in our latest collection!

Midnight Stroll by Holly Priestley

Although I actually do wear this sweater, styling it for this post was kind of hard! When I wear it, mostly I style it similar to how the photos are – jeans and a fitted top – but I wanted to go the extra mile for you all today 😉

Midnight Stroll Outfit

A top with interesting back detail will show through the lace on the back of the sweater and I wanted to make sure to keep the lines clean with well-fitted top and skirt since the sweater itself has so much awesome drape. I wanted boots that make more of a statement and with scrunchy knee socks, this outfit is ready for cooler temperatures!

Carlee by Kirsten Singer

I’m a cardigan wearer. I love them. I layer them over everything and I don’t always think about whether or not it looks good. Luckily, the shape, color and details of Carlee are sophisticated enough on their own that I wouldn’t have to think too hard about the outfit as a whole! If I were trying to go that extra mile though, here’s what I’d wear it with to take it up a notch.

Carlee Outfit

A flowy and sophisticated top underneath (sleeveless is a personal preference so the sleeves of the top don’t bunch up underneath the sweater sleeves), dark wash skinny jeans, slouchy and textured legwarmers and chunky grey boots.

Kat by Teresa Gregorio

I personally love the way Teresa styled the sweater in this outfit and I would certainly wear something similar. Just the other week I scored an awesome, dark denim jacket at a thrift store for a mere $6 and it’s been a perfect pairing with my other knitted sweaters. I think an A-line skirt that comes to the knees with some sort of colorful pattern paired with brown boots and a classic jean jacket would be the perfect fall look for Kat!

Outfit for Kat


What is your favorite outfit? How would you style these sweaters?