FO Friday: Possessed Printer Mitts

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Needless to say, these are a quick knit and you could easily get a pair done in a weekend if you don’t have other things going on (or wrist pain).IMG_3503

I really love the way this yarn played out with the chevron-y arrows and the stockinette portion is visually interesting too!IMG_3504

They’re a great length and I think that if they were too much longer, I’d add some short rows at the beginning to keep the curl from being too obvious when worn.IMG_3495

They look awfully goofy not on hands!

What have you finished lately?

WIP Wednesday: Mitts

Another of the smaller projects that I’m knitting on the side of the orange sweater, is this pair of fingerless mitts.IMG_3365

I’ve been in love with the Possessed Printer Mitts pattern since the first time I saw them and even though I don’t have any of that crazy neon rainbow yarn in my stash, I knew I could find *something* worthy of the project.IMG_3368

This yarn popped into the picture because a) it’s been in my stash for…oh….4+ years? and b) I always knew I wanted it to be a pair of hand accessories, I just didn’t know what kind.IMG_3366

The pattern is a fun one to knit and, true to accessory-form, they’re pretty quick to make! Yes, even though there are two of them (no second-mitt syndrome here folks).

What are you making this week?