WIP Wednesday: KISS

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I was having some difficulties with the Malabrigo lace project that I keep teasing you with and so I put it down for a while (“a while” means for an evening, didn’t even make it 24 hours before I had to pick it up again) to try and let the creative juices flow and magic to happen.

I decided that I was trying to make it too difficult and it wasn’t necessary to whip out complicated patterns and numbers to prove to the knitting and designing world that I’m capable and instead I’ve opted to Keep It Simple Silly (yes, yes, I know how that acronym usually ends, but, I mean, I am Silly Little Lady afterall).

today is the morning after the rain, can you sense that in the photo?

The shawlette/scarf is plugging along whenever I have the time to knit on it some and I gotta say, I am very pleased with this simplicity and awesomeness that is unfolding.  As I’ve mentioned before, this will also need test knitters sometime in the hopefully-near future and if you’re interested in helping me out, drop me a line!

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WIP Wednesday: Weekend Progress

This weekend there was plenty of knitting time in the car since we were road-tripping all around southern and western Colorado.

I got a fair amount done on this sweater:

Progress sure does look good

Much more than I showed you a few weeks ago, wouldn’t you say?  It’s coming along well although a bit slow since it is for a larger person than myself as a Christmas present and every now and again I worry that it won’t be done in time, but we’ll see…there may be some sleepless knitting nights come December in order to get it to the recipient on time.

And I’ve also been working on this pseudo-seekrit project and making decent progress as well:

So in love. I'd marry this if I could, for serious. It feels amazing, it looks amazing, it talks to me when I'm down, it gives me back rubs...

I’m quite excited about how its turning out and I absolutely love love LOVE the color combination between the two yarns.

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FO Friday: Citron Numba Three

The Citron is done and has been shipped off to my momma (she should be getting it today even!).

in all its grandeur

This was the third Citron I’ve knit and the second I’ve knit for my mom.  I’ll quite probably make more as I think the pattern is wonderful and the resulting neck-piece is so versatile.

So drapey and gorgeous!

Now I’ve got to start other knitting projects!  I’m hoping to get some more accessory patterns out there, what do you think?  Anything in particular you’d like to see?

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New to the Shop

I have some new knits coming to the shop this week, namely this deep sapphire blue lacy slouch (the pattern for which can be found here)

Such Deep Rich Colors

And this amazingly soft sapphire, lime and cream scarf

Can you feel the "soft" emanating from the photo?

Both are super soft, knit from wool blends, merino and the scarf even has some *cashmere* so they are some amazing, luxurious accessories for a lucky fall wearer.

What have you been knitting up lately?  Is it cold in your neck of the woods yet?

WIP Wednesday

I know I just did a WIP post on Monday, but today I have different WIPs!  And its WIP Wednesday, so why not participate right?

Not having any on-going projects small enough to truck with me to class yesterday, I asked Matt what he thought I should take and he picked out these colors.

Blue Brown and a Multi-color

I’ve started a little seed stitch scarf which I’m not entirely in love with, but Matt likes it so I suppose I’ll keep going for a little while longer and see if I start to like it.

I wish the brown were a tad softer

What are you working on today?