A Serendipitous Gift

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you read about my trip to Buena Vista and the awesome little yarn shop there, Serendipity Yarn & Gifts.

I was lucky enough to be chosen as the winner of one of their recent giveaways and this little package came in the mail just this week!

Bambino Taffy and a sweet little card 🙂

I’m thinking the Bambino Taffy will turn into some sort of summer scarf/gift…


I seem to have acquired much new loot lately in the yarn-stash-aporium even though I swear I was last week trying to par down and knit as much as of that as possible in an effort to downsize.  Really, I was.

Granted, my adventures haven’t helped me much.  As with many others, every time I visit a new yarn store I simply must come home with a souvenir (pronouced soo-veR-neer if you’re my younger brother).  The two below are from The Quilted Purl in Georgetown that I visiteda few weekends back:

love between yarns

The one on the right is The Gentleman’s: a brown-greeney-blue alpaca and wool blend from right here in Colorado by Lonesome Stone in Granby and the one on the left is mine:  a gypsy-colored wool-nylon sock yarn from Filatura Lanarota.

And remember that Buena Vista trip we took?  And we stopped at Serendipity?  We got some there too:

good taste, on both sides

Again, the one on the right is The Gentleman’s: Tosh Vintage in Badlands (he’s got good taste, no?) and the one on the right is mine: Bijou Bliss, a yak down and cormo blend, again from Colorado.

Not to mention the more than thirteen pounds of yarn I got in the mail for a special project, some of which looks like this after some time with the winder:

the yarny version of pure gold from uruguay

I really was trying to knit through some of my stash.  Promise.

Buena Vista, CO

Another weekend, another adventure!

the entire drive was gorgeous but I imagine a two hour video of the experience would be a bit much 😉

This time we cruised down to Buena Vista to meet up with my parents and exchange a belated Christmas gift for some camping stuff I couldn’t bring back with me on the plane.  We walked the monster dog along the river, took some photos and sat in a tile living room before sipping some beers and grabbing lunch at the Eddyline.

some details of the day

Our trip would not have been complete without scouting out the LYS and I knewthere was at least on in this little town, I just didn’t know where it was.  Benefit of small towns: one main street = easy to find shops.

we counted so many of these guys and they were so close!

Serendipity did not disappoint, it was bigger on the inside than it looked on the outside and absolutely filledwith yarns, notions and yarn-y gifts not to mention the pleasant people you always find in landscapes of wool with hills of silk and forests of cashmere.

sorry about the lighting of the photo, it doesn't do the shop or the yarns justice!

I highly recommend you stop into Serendipity if you’re ever passing by the area, very much worth the trip.