The Sweetest Sort of Mail

At the end of last week the mailman brought me some sweets in the mail,IMG_7701

The colorway is Honey, the yarn is Sweet Fingering and the dyer is the one and only Candy Skein!  This yarn is silky smooth, with a little sheen and it’s knitting up beautifully so far.  The 50/50 superwash merino and silk blend is a perfect yarn for small accessories that you want close to your skin and at 438 yards per skein, it’s a very generous amount for a little price tag!IMG_7703

The design? Coming soon, and because it’s not sooper seekrit, I can show you bits and pieces along the way!  Yay for public knitting! I really love the little candy charm that came with the skein, isn’t it adorable?IMG_7706

I had a really busy and fun weekend, I’ll share some of my adventures tomorrow!  What did you do this weekend?


Bittersweet is Always the Best Flavor

When I make chocolate chip cookie dough (it really hardly ever makes it to baked-cookie phase) I always prefer using bittersweet chocolate morsels to milk chocolate but today’s post isn’t about food.  It’s about a different kind of sweet. The kind of sweet that only a shiny silk merino blend can satiate.

That's the kind of sweet I want to sink my teeth into

Tina of Bittersweet Woolery and I have been chatting for a bit about doing a collaboration together.  Her yarn + My Design = awesome lace knitting for you! 

I want to swim in merino silk and shiny

The other day I received two skeins of her Star Dust Lace yarn in the most beautiful, shimmery watery aqua color and I think it will go perfectly into the design we’ve discussed and collaborated on.

Bittersweet Woolery's Star Dust Lace

Have you worked with Bittersweet Woolery’s yarns yet?  I want to see what you’ve made!  And if you haven’t, I really quite highly suggest trying some for yourself, the woman behind the magic is just as sweet as the yarns she creates and she’s a pleasure to work with.  Find her on Ravelry and don’t forget to read her blog!

Be Jealous. Be Very Jealous.

You might have noticed a fluctuating Stash Count over on my sidebar, and from the talk about how many skeins I’m using up with these felted bags, only be down about ten skeins doesn’t make much sense does it?  I did have to buy two more skeins of the yarn for the sweater I introduced Friday, so that made the count go up some.

But only two skeins?  What about the rest?  Why is the number still so high?

Well, I’ll tell you.  I got a gift.  A Yarn Gift.

70% cashmere, 30% silk

The most luxurious yarn that has ever graced my stash.  Filatura Di Crosa Superior.

I got this as a delayed Christmas present from my friend Megan (I have yet to give her her present, I’m a bad friend).  I haven’t a clue what to make with it yet, something smooshy that will touch my skin….I’m thinking a leotard or a onesie…but I’ll settle for a big cowl or scarf too 🙂

NY Cardigan in VA

So, as I said last week, I went to a wedding in Virginia this weekend!  It was my goal to finish the NY Sweater before we left so that I could wear it to said wedding and I accomplished my goal 😀  So here are some better pictures of it, on a model not flat and blocking on a table.

Getting Dressed for the Event
The Back View

What do you all think?  I told you it was pretty long on a shorter person but everyone loves it and most of my cardigans are short so its nice to have variety in my closet.

Love the Sleeve Detail

Of course I had to take a small knitting project with me and I just knew that the yarn I got from Paris at La Drougerie (talked about here, check it out, it is *so* cool) would be the perfect triangle scarf.

I love this yarn sooo much! I wish I had gotten more of it

I’m blocking it now and will have completed project pictures and details tomorrow 😀

Humane, Organic and Beautiful

Larkspurfunnyfarm has been raising exotic fiber-producing animals in humane and organic ways for more than a decade.

Her fibers are beautiful and the colors are stunning.  Evidence of her interest in color, nature and texture.

Not only does she offer wools, she also offers llama, alpaca, silk, cocoons, handpainted yarns, handspun yarns, fiber to spin and much much more.

Why not treat yourself to some luxury while being confident that your hard earned money is going to ethical practices and the human being behind them.  Check out her blog too!