Body Armor

I don’t know about you guys, but I wear a fair amount of jewelry.  I’m a fan of rings and I prefer silver to gold.  My ring collection started when I was….ten?  Maybe?  And by that, I mean that the ring that resides on the longest finger of my left hand was first placed there when I bought it at ten(ish) years old and hasn’t skipped a day of wear yet.

Armor and Weapons

This past weekend I bought myself two more rings, one to replace an amber flower with a broken band, and one to grace a pinky that hadn’t had a ring chosen for it yet.

ring photos taken by holly priestley

Now, when I bought these I really did not realize the whole hippie side of having not only a peace ring but also a love ring, especially having bought them at the same time, but I do appreciate their message.

What body armor do you wear?