Pattern Release: Spring Crinkle

I’ve been teasing you with pictures of this for a little while now, and I’m happy to say that today’s the day!  Emily from LMS Studio Arts and I have worked together in the past and she’s so much fun to collaborate with!IMG_8612

The Spring Crinkle Slouch was designed using some 50% Superwash Corriedale/50% Nylon yarn from LMS Studio Arts dyed in the Giddy Gherkin colorway.  I *love* this yarn.  I love this colorway.  I love that it’s mostly a solid with little tonal effects to it and specks of blue throughout.  IMG_8639

I love that the stitches are so well defined on two fairly different needle sizes.  I love that it has some grip and won’t fall off my head from being too smooth.  I love that it shows off the ribbing and the lace texture equally beautifully.IMG_8610

The pattern is now available on Ravelry, Etsy and CraftsyIMG_8613

WIP: What Doesn’t This Hat Have?

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday!  I’ve been knitting like a fiend every chance I get to try to crank out orders and work on Christmas knitting and knit a bit more stock for my upcoming show, it’s crazy!

Today I’m sharing with you a hat that was ordered by a friend of mine.  He wanted it to be slouchy, with a pompom, colorful, unique and have earflaps.  What else could you put on a hat?

Definitely a One-Of-A-Kind

I finished up the knitting portion of the hat on Monday evening but as it is not 100% complete I thought it fair to share with you what I have 🙂

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FO Friday: Hats

This week I can share two FO’s with you! Remember that Dreadhead Hat I showed you last week? Well it’s done, and doesn’t look anything like I showed you. I ended up frogging what I had knit so far of the original beanie and making it bigger. In the process I decided to change which yarn I started the project with.

lighting in tattoo parlors is not ideal, but the hat fits!

As per request, there is an elastic band in the brim of the beanie in an attempt to secure the hat to the dreadhead even with the weight of his three-foot dreads bundled up inside. I’m still awaiting the final critique to see if I’ve accomplished this task, but regardless it’ll be a warm beanie for the coming winter.

much less full without dreads in it

I also have a simple beanie to share with you that I’ll be putting in the shop but don’t have adequate pictures of yet.  Just a basic beanie with a k4 p1 pattern in some super soft yarns in a more manly color pallet for the gents among us, or really anyone who prefers the grey/green colors over something more vibrant.

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WIP Wednesday: New Stuff!

Can you believe it?  I actually have new WIPs to share this week!  And and and!  Did you notice that was plural?

Yup.  More than one new project.  Believe it.

Both projects are hats, both slouchy and both moving along quickly although that’s where the similarities end.

The first hat that I started is using some Mochi Plus that my roomie gave to me as a gift a while back paired with some creamy handspun mohair that I acquired along with three massive bags of other vintage and handspun yarns from a thrift store (massive Thrift Store Score).  I’m knitting it up in my Lacy Slouch Patternand although it sorely needs to be blocked, I think its looking quite nice thus far, don’t you?

Colors and Creams

The second is what I’m deeming the first of many Dread Head Hats.  A friend with substantially long and heavy dreads would like a hat that is able to hold his dreads inside of it while retaining the shape and not getting so stretched out and weighed down that it won’t stay on his head for more than the first day of wear.  To accomplish this feat I’m inserting a bit of elastic band into the brim of the hat, this is just the preliminary design, after it is completed and used I certainly expect some helpful critique to make the following versions better and better.

It looks nothing like this anymore...

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Braided Slouch Pattern Release!

I have a new pattern for you today!

Remember that orange one I teased you with and requested test knitters for?  It’s been test-knit and the kinks worked out and I really love all of the results I have seen.

The Braided Slouch

A simple textured braid with an interesting decrease method makes this hat engaging to knit as well as fashionable to wear.  The extra-slouchy nature allows this hat to be an easy fit for most head-sizes.  Using just 1 skein of most sock-yarns, it’s the perfect project to help you work through your stash or perhaps sample that new skein you’ve had your eyes on for ages.

Freshy brought it to my attention that the yarn originally called for in the pattern, Colinette Jitterbug, is no longer distributed in the US but I recommend you look at the other yarns that were used and see the results of similar materials and wpis to find a suitable substitute!

Sizes: One size fits most adult heads


US #2 Circular Needles, 16 inch

US #5 Circular Needles, 16 inch and DPNs

Cable needle

Stitch Marker

1 Skein of Jitterbug from Colinette Yarns (100% merino, 291 m)

Gauge: 6 sts = 1 inch in k2, p2 rib stitch on size 2 needles (row gauge is not important)

Necessary Skills: Knitting, purling, decreasing, cabling

*I want to thank my wonderful test-knitters Freshy, Sims, Hannayt, Angoska

FO Friday: Two Weeks’ Worth

Welcome back to another FO Friday!  I didn’t get a chance to share last week because of Snowpocalypse, so this week I’m sharing those projects and the one(s) from this week too.

I made a shift knob cover for a friend’s car:

Kinda looks like a hot air balloon

Since its been so cold down here, my friend was complaining about how cold his shift knob was when we went to drive to work in the morning and asked if I could make him a cover for it to match the colors of his car.  I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out, it only took me an hour or so to make and I totally winged the pattern with only how the shift knob felt in my hand for sizing reference.

I finished that replacement beanie:

capturing the true color was hard, but I think this photo is pretty close

Another project I’m quite pleased with.  I picked up some needles to finish the hat while I was in Albuquerque couch-hopping this past weekend and finished the hat in no time.  Finally my head is graced with the warmth and softness of baby alpaca once again.

I finished a pair of knucks for myself:

I promise better pictures for the actual pattern!

I don’t know if you all know this, but riding a scooter to school makes your hands very cold, and my old gloves just weren’t cutting it.  I made a pair of these for my friend for Christmas, wrote up the pattern and made these for myself.  Pattern coming soon 😀 Promise!

And I finished a hat for my Aunt:

Again, hard to capture the actual color...

This took me…maybe….3 or 4 hours.  Not long at all, and it will be on its way to her shortly.  I hope she loves it!

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WIP Wednesday: Replacement Hat

A few years ago I participated in a swap.  And in that swap I received beautiful red baby alpaca yarn.  With that yarn, I made myself a hat.

sorry for the shoddy photo, it was taken in dim light a few years ago

This hat was also in my purse on the night it was stolen from my car and so now, I don’t actually have a hat of my own.  My WIP today is a replacement version.  I’m using the same pattern and similar yarn, but this time its green with little bits of sparkle.

Looking out at the snow, yes, snow

Instead of using 6s and 8s like the pattern calls for, I used 5s and 9s but just last night as I was knitting along, I noticed that the cable on the 9s is starting to tear away from the needle and I have to put it into hibernation until I can get another pair of 9s to finish the replacement hat off with, which makes me kind of sad.

In other news, Socorro got snow!  Enough snow that classes are canceled today 🙂  That means knitting time (as long as I find another project to cast on, which I must because I have a knitting lunch-date with a friend) and playing outside when it warms up beyond 4 degrees.

I've never seen so much snow here, and its only about 6 inches!

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First Pattern Release of 2011!

The Super Slouchy Beanie with PomPom is now ready to be knit by all!

mrsmouse's super slouchy beanie!

I want to thank my very generous and hard-working test knitters, mrsmouse and mamatwitch (both Ravelry links) for testing out the pattern and catching any glitches, thanks so much you guys!

My 1st version 🙂

You can find the FREE pattern for the hat on Ravelry here 🙂

and it grows!


A simple knit, but also the coolest hat you’ll own!  Knit with plenty of extra slouch and accessorized with a sizable PomPom, what’s not to love about this beanie?  The pattern is written to be very flexible when it comes to yarn choice and just about any worsted weight yarn will do the trick making it perfect for your handspun beauties or that single impulse skein you picked up on a whim.  This would also be a great project to use up scrap yarn or those odd balls and skeins that are lying around dying to be used.  Perfect for beginners and experts alike, the hat is also a quick knit and would make for a great last minute gift for everyone on your list!

New Hat Pattern Needing To Be Tested

Remember that super slouchy beanie I made as a custom order?  I love it so much I’m making another for myself and figured that you’d all love it too so I’ve written up the pattern for it and will be releasing it for free to the public just as soon as its been test knitted.

you know you want to make one for yourself 🙂

How do you join the fun?  Check out the discussion in my group on Ravelry!