A Different Kind of Pretty

I love spring. There’s no doubt about it – I love the fresh green, the new life, the longer days and ample sunshine – it’s gorgeous. IMG_5885

But there’s something very special about winter.IMG_5888

Even with less sunlight and weather that makes you stay inside (whether you want to or not) more often.IMG_5911

Even as the greens fade away and the world looks a bit more monochromatic.IMG_5905

It’s just a different kind of pretty.

What’s your favorite part about winter?

Its Starting To Feel A Lot Like

Yesterday morning I woke up to a white world.


It’s gorgeous and new and the dogs love it, however my car did not and my first attempt to get to work was thwarted.

This new chill (a high of 30 degrees F? really?) reminds me that I must get on with my personal sock collection…after all the Christmas presents and custom orders I need to make…

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?  Inspirational and exciting?


Sorry for being gone the last half of last week, Snowpocalypse hit New Mexico and we were declared in a state of emergency because much of the state was without natural gas and/or electricity.  With temperatures in the negatives and a lack of heat, I decided to leave my apartment in Socorro and spend the weekend with friends in Albuquerque who had warmth and power.

So pretty, so cold

As you read this, I’m in the dentist’s office having a frenectomy to help fix some receding gums I have on one of my bottom teeth.  I don’t know how I’ll feel afterward, but I do hope to share some FOs with you this week since I didn’t have time to on Friday.

Fun in the snow!

Stay warm and safe everyone!