Christmas Gift Round Up 3: Seasoned Salt

My older brother has been the recipient of many hats so this year I wanted to make him something different.  I wanted it to remain functional but something unique.

I settled on Southwestern Seasoned Salt.  They live in Albuquerque, love delicious food and this seemed like the perfect gift.IMG_7017

There are a lot of recipes online for making seasoned salt but I just made up my own…hopefully they like it!

More gift round ups coming, a lot of gifts were made this year.

So Many Adventures!

The Trouble in Vegas Ultimate Frisbee tournament this weekend was such a huge success!  Even though there were problems with our registration and we weren’t placed in the right division, everyone still had a blast and no one got seriously injured.

A giant soccer ball sitting on a giant golf tee

I hope to be back to my normal blogging schedule-thing soon, but Spring Break is next week and I’ll be traveling again.  I promise to do my best and show you what knits I’ve been working on!  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a quick WIP in once I find where the knucks went…they got lost in my luggage somewhere I think.

Hmm….where did they go…….