Shift Knob Cover – Pattern!

Remember those two shift knob covers I made for my friend Dylan? The first and the second?

They’ve gotten some interest around Ravelry and on the blog and I’ve been asked if I was planning on writing up the pattern, so I have!

Cover Numba 1

These two particular covers were made for a Subaru although I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t fit a range of other makes and models as well.  I used stash yarns for both covers in a worsted weight and I tried to stick with acrylic yarns because I find them a bit more durable and better able to handle all the grabbing, pushing, shoving and whatever dirtiness might come their way.I imagine this cover can be easily sized up or down to accommodate different sizes by changing the yarn or needle size

Cover Numba 2

These only take a few hours to make (quick gift!) and not to mention, it’s a great way to use up some stash yarns that you haven’t the heart to throw away!


a few yards of worsted or dk weight yarn

Size 6 double pointed needles

CO 16 evenly across three of the needles leaving a bit of tail to use as a drawstring when we tie it to the shift knob

PM and join in the round being careful not to twist

work in K1 P1 rib for 6 rows

[K3 kfb] repeat to end of row

K for 2 rows

[K4 kfb] repeat to end of row

K 1 row

[K5 kfb] repeat to end of row

K 4 rows

[k5 k2tog] to end of row

K1 row

[K4 k2tog] to end of row

K1 row

[K3 k2tog] to end of row

K1 row

[K2tog] to end of row

k1 row

{K2tog] to end of row

Break yarn and pull through remaining stitches, weave in the end

kinda looks like a hot air balloon

When putting the cover on the shift knob, it should fit fairly tightly, the most difficult part being stretching the ribbing over the largest part of the knob.  Once its over, pull the original drawstring-tail through the first row of stitches tightly and tie off, weaving in the end.

If you do knit one, don’t forget to link to it on Ravelry!  I want to see what everyone makes 😀

FO Friday: A Scrappy Earflap Beanie

Welcome back for another FO Friday!  Want to join in and read more FO tales?  Tami’s blog has all of the details 🙂

This week I’m sharing with you a hat I featured here for a WIP and had actually finished a few weeks ago (on April 1st, no less).

love the colors!

The yarns were all stash yarns, many of them vintage, found at my local thrift store, or have been hopping around my stash for ages.  There is a variety of colors and materials; wool, acrylic, mohair, cashmere, merino, and more.  The pattern was made up on the fly, based on a multitude of other beanies that have been knit throughout my knitting career.

scrappy, textured, colorful, warm and oh-so-cool

I finished it off by crocheting a blue border around the edge and adding some braided tassels.  I’m lovin’ it and I hope my customers do too!

WIP Wednesday: Another Chevron Bag

Welcome back to another WIP Wednesday!  Wanna participate?  Skip on over to Tami’s Blog to join the fun 😀

Ok, this week my WIP is another Chevron Bag because the first didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to.  Which I’m actually ok with, I’d much rather to it right and get what I want, so I don’t mind doing it again.  And, I want the pattern to be perfect too 🙂

new colors!

Because I used up about 4 different colors in the last bag and had to scour the stash for more wool, the color scheme on this version is totally different, which, again, I love.

using bigger needles too, much better drape

I’ve already used up….one…two…five balls of wool with version and I’m not even done yet!  It feels great to go into my little widget over there —> and lower the number of skeins in my stash 😀

What are you making this week?

WIP Wednesday: The Chevron Bag

Welcome back to another WIP Wednesday!  Want to share your own projects or see others’?  Check out Tami’s blog 😀

its a ziggy-and-a-zaggy

My WIP this week is a Chevron bag that I started last…..week sometime, I can’t remember exactly when.  I’m writing up the pattern, which is supposed to be a stash buster for my Yarn Diet hence all of the colors and textures of the wools.

to be felted...

I will be felting it whenever I finish the strap, sew it on, and get over to my laundry facilities.  The pattern is being written up now and will need some test knitters (so keep that in mind 😉 ).

What are you working on?