Stash Busting Scarf

Yesterday I mentioned that I was knitting a few stash busting scarves.  These are great for a variety of reasons

  • they bust stashes
  • they are colorful and fun
  • no ends to weave in
  • totally mindless for those of us who need a brain-dead project every once in a while
  • they are quick and easy
  • no real yarn requirements, no weight restrictions, no fiber restrictions, no color restrictions

    the grellow one from the other day

So here’s how I make them:

  1. I gather my stash to be busted
  2. I pick a yarn at random
  3. I cast on somewhere between 150 and 200 sts onto size US 11 36 inch circular needles
  4. I cut the yarn so that this tail is the same length as the cast on tail
  5. I pick another yarn at random
  6. I tie the tail, at the same length, to the one I just cut
  7. I knit a single row
  8. I cut the tail to the same length (these tails create the fringe, you see)
  9. I repeat steps 5 – 8 until the scarf is adequately wide
  10. I BO loosely
  11. I revel in the delight of a new, colorful scarf and a reasonably busted stash, possibly with a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage


Now ya’ll can make your own, bust your own stashes and revel with me. Happy Thursday!

the or-een one cast on after the grellow