New Patterns: Beer Swagger

The latest issue of Interweave Knits Gifts is full of really great patterns for, well, Gift knitting!  You know how many things gift knitting is good for?

  • stash busting
  • trying out new techniques on small projects
  • showing how much you love the recipient (even if you’re the recipient – we all need more self-love, don’t you think?)
  • instant gratification

    (c) Interweave Knits

We all know that I do enjoy a delicious, boozey beverage and for years I’ve been dressing up these treats in their own little wardrobes.  Knits Gifts now has patterns for two different sweater sizes – for all the beer, soda and wine drinkers out there, along with hats that will fit all of the above and a coozie pattern for bottled beverages.  All of those patterns can be found bundled together.

(c) Interweave Knits

You can crank out all of these projects with just 1 skein of yarn from each color!  Knit Picks Swish DK comes in a wide range of pretty colors and the yarn itself is very soft, non-splitty and great for colorwork.

Month 4 of Yarn Diet: Complete

My Stats:

Skeins used in the month of April: 8
Total skein count left: 261 (the skein count has gone up and down because I didn’t count the skeins I had bought for custom orders until after the orders were filled, so now the leftovers have been added to my stash count and also because I bought yarn at Stitches South…naturally)
Total FOs completed in April: 3 (A hedgehog, an earflap beanie and a pair of knucks)
Total yarn purchases in April: 2 (I went to Stitches South, whaddya expect? oh, and I had to buy some yarn to get started on a Christmas present for my Dad)
Total purchase remaining: 2

lots of this going on this month

Ok, so not the greatest numbers, but at least I do have some Finished Objects for this month.  Hopefully May will be better, but seeing as to how I have some major uprooting coming my way, we’ll just have to wait and see how much knitting gets done!

How is everyone else doing on their diets?

*Oh, and I’ve got something big coming for you all tomorrow!  Be sure to check back 😀