FO Friday: Stocking for Leland

The latest stocking project has been finished and shipped off to it’s new home and so I can share it here with you!IMG_6063

This is the third stocking I’ve knit and the first for someone I’m not related to (that last bit put more pressure on me for some reason – family can love the quirks that come with handmade things, but can strangers?).IMG_6055

Knit with a variety of worsted weight yarns – white acrylic, red and green KnitPicks Swish and some tweedy brown – it was a fairly quick knit even though the stocking measures about 20″ long.  The recipient/gift giver requested something classic and clean, she likes deer, trees and wanted the kiddo’s name on it but other than that gave me creative license.IMG_6056

I really like the stripey garter bits at the cuff, heel and toe combined with the crisp white and simple colorwork.  I added the name with duplicate stitch on the way to and from snowboarding on Thanksgiving.IMG_6057

Have you finished anything lately? Are you working on holiday stuff?

WIP Wednesday: Started Something New

The Holidays are swiftly approaching and although we might not want to admit it, time stops for no one.  The snow has finally begun to arrive here in Colorado and that’s what makes it real for me – seeing the white stuff blow around outside.IMG_5854

I started a new project this week – another stocking!  This one isn’t for anyone in my own family, rather the new grandson of my Dad’s coworker.  I’m using some stash white and Knit Picks Swish in classic red and green.IMG_5859

The stocking will feature the little guy’s name (to be added with duplicate stitch at the end) along with some traditional tree and deer motifs underneath.

Are you working on holiday things? Gifts? Decorations?

FO Friday: The Stocking

I did happen to finish that stocking I was working on over the weekend while I was hanging out with my family enjoying my little younger brother’s graduation from college.

It’s not the greatest colorwork I’ve ever done and I see all the imperfections but I’m overall happy with it and I hope the family is as well!IMG_2326

I made up the charts for the deer and kind of made up the pattern for the entire stocking as I went along, toe-up, using stash yarn and I think it was a pretty great success!

Have you finished anything recently?

WIP Wednesday: The Final Christmas Gift (probably)

The biggest holiday of the year (in many circles, at least) is coming up in just 2 weeks and I’m wrapping up what will hopefully (probably….maybe….) be the last gift I knit this season.  Although with two weeks left, there’s a chance that my knitter’s brain will decide that that’s clearly plenty of time to whip up something else, right?IMG_2219

My nephew received a handknit stocking for his 2nd Christmas (he was only a few weeks old for his first, I didn’t stand a chance…and no, I don’t want to hear about how I probably had a few months worth of notice prior to his arrival) and since my niece was born at the beginning of this year, she will get hers for her first go-round.IMG_2222

The first stocking for Maddox was knit cuff down and I made up the pattern along the way with plenty of colorwork ending with a pretty sizable finished stocking (more room for little gifts!).???????????????????????????????

This second stocking for Zaynah was knit from the toe up with a pattern I made up along the way and slightly less colorwork but ended up being pretty big again.

I hope they both get lots of love for years and years and years to come!

Linking up with Tami as usual!  What are you working on this week?  Are you wrapping up (or starting) anymore holiday gifts?

FO Friday: Christmas Stocking

Remember the stocking I mentioned last week?  It’s been finished and shipped off the recipient 🙂  I sincerely hope that it serves its magical purpose and fills with lovely things on the Eves of Christmas for my nephew to enjoy the following morning for years to come.

Sorry for the crappy picture, there's only so much you can do at work...

I knit the stocking out of Paton’s Encore Worsted on size 8 needles and it was a really quick knit, even with all the colorwork!  Although, that could be because colorwork is addicting because you want to see what one more row will do to the pattern and you never end up putting the needles down….that can’t just be me.

Little bells on the toe for festive cheer 🙂

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WIP Wednesday: Christmas Is Just Around The Corner

Welcome to another WIP Wednesday!  I’ve got quite a few projects on needles right now, courtesy of the changing weather, coming holidays and personal desires 🙂

This past weekend I started knitting my nephew’s Christmas stocking.  I told my brother last year that I claimed a monopoly on his stocking and this year he’ll get his very own hopefully-heirloom-to-be.  My Great Aunt handmade all of the stockings in my family and I wanted to be sure to continue the tradition.

Red and Green and White

It’s a pretty quick knit and picking out the new motifs is fun every time I come to one 🙂  I’m not following a pattern but just picking motifs from here and there that I like and putting them into the basic stocking shape.

I’m knitting it out of Plymouth Encore Worsted so that, if necessary, the stocking can be washed and will hopefully be more durable and moth-resistant.

Does your family have any traditions or heirlooms?

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First Pattern Release of 2011!

The Super Slouchy Beanie with PomPom is now ready to be knit by all!

mrsmouse's super slouchy beanie!

I want to thank my very generous and hard-working test knitters, mrsmouse and mamatwitch (both Ravelry links) for testing out the pattern and catching any glitches, thanks so much you guys!

My 1st version 🙂

You can find the FREE pattern for the hat on Ravelry here 🙂

and it grows!


A simple knit, but also the coolest hat you’ll own!  Knit with plenty of extra slouch and accessorized with a sizable PomPom, what’s not to love about this beanie?  The pattern is written to be very flexible when it comes to yarn choice and just about any worsted weight yarn will do the trick making it perfect for your handspun beauties or that single impulse skein you picked up on a whim.  This would also be a great project to use up scrap yarn or those odd balls and skeins that are lying around dying to be used.  Perfect for beginners and experts alike, the hat is also a quick knit and would make for a great last minute gift for everyone on your list!