FibreShare Package

I received my FibreShare package over the weekend and I am over the moon with love for it! My partner Whitney is so thoughtful and everything in the package makes me smile. I wanted to take today to share all my awesome gifties with you! IMG_1836

Honestly, I haven’t even put the yarn and things away because I want to keep looking at them since they make me so happy!IMG_2709 IMG_2715 IMG_2712 IMG_2720 IMG_2718IMG_2711

All of the colors are so up my ally – yellows and oranges and warm happy hues not to mention that grey/blue speckle is so gorgeous. IMG_2726

The little plastic pouch was filled with tons of necessities – little scissors (which I’ve needed and wanted for a long long time) and beads, Eucalan samples, stitch markers and a cute sock keychain.

I can only hope that my recipient feels the same about my package (which she will be getting soon!) but this is definitely a hard act to follow.