FO Friday: A 1st Birthday

Not only do I have an FO for you, but I have some time to actually show you!

Because the parents of my nephew are both nerds, their son is bound to be a nerd too and I plan on facilitating future geekery as much as possible.

A Previous Nerdy Gift

He turns a whole year old in November and I decided to knit up his present right away because I knowthat by November I’ll quite possibly have been smothered by all the yarn and Christmas knitting I’ll be carrying around with me that he may never get his gift.

Warm and Green

Ravelry Details here 🙂

A Nerdy Gift

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FO Friday: Plaited, Braided and Opinionated

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I’m bringing you the orange hat I was working on and showed you last week!  The design is complete and its even ready for test knitters, so if you’re interested, please check out this thread in my Ravelry group to find out all the details and volunteer to test for me!

mmm squishy texture

I’m having a hard time deciding on which buttons to put on the hat so I figured I’d ask you, my dear blog readers, which buttons you like the most.

The Flowers:

pretty little white and green flowers

The Brass:

The brass section in this little orchestra

Thoughts? Opinions?

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WIP Wednesday: Another Citron and a Swatch

Happy Wednesday everyone!  My post will have to be quick today, I’m still unpacking and I have a friend coming over in a bit to have some catch-up and girl time but I wanted to show you what I’ve been working on lately in between all the crazy stuff and the moving and graduating and what not.

Leetle beginnings

While I was spending time with my family on Friday celebrating, my Mom pulled out some gorgeous yarn from Lisa Souzain the Mardi Gras colorway and Knitty’s famous Citron pattern.  I started helping her with the pattern and showing her which stitches to pick up at the beginning and, as these things usually go, I took the Citron home with me and I’ll mail it back to her when I finish hehe.

sorry for the shoddy photo, its been cloudy since I got to Colorado!

I also have a gauge swatch, and you know the sad part?  I haven’t even measured it yet.  I’ve just knit the thing, with the intentions of measuring it and getting started on this big project that needs to be finished by Christmas.  Maybe I’ll actually measure it while I’m having girl time with my lady friend…Who knows!

The swatch is nice looking, so now I just need to do the actual project...

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WIP Wednesday: Something Colorful

I came down with some kind of nasty illness over the weekend and have been feeling very under the weather the past few days (I really do not have time for this, especially with finals and graduation!) so I’ve hardly had any knitting time, but I do have a small WIP to share with you today!

something secret, something colorful

I can’t really tell you much about this project as its kind of secret, but just as soon as it’s finished I promise to tell you all about it!  I’m using a bunch of scrap yarns in various colors, all about worsted weight to make this piece and I’m really excited with how its turning out so far 🙂

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WIP Wednesday: Not Those Again

Happy Wednesday!  This WIP Wednesday is brought to you by the same people who always bring you WIP Wednesdays, and all the details can be found on Tami’s Blog.

This week, I don’t want to share the clown pants again, suffice it to say that I didn’t like the way I shaped the waist area the first time.  You know what that means?


Frogged and restarted.

Don’t you I hate it when you I keep knitting knitting even though you I know that there is a mistake but you I don’t want to rip back and fix it? Hoping the knitting fairies will fix it overnight for you me?

So, I’m not sharing those today.  What do I share instead?  My other major WIP is Sooper Seekrit at the moment, so I can’t share that either…

I suppose I could tell you a leetle about what’s going on in my life right now, life is always a work in progress, wouldn’t you say?

The semester ends in two and a half weeks, then finals and commencement.  I graduate in less than a month.  That means I join the real world.  That means I have to find a ‘real’ job. That means I have to pack up my cozy little room in my cozy little house and uproot my life and resettle somewhere else.

At least I have the place picked out: Lakewood (Denver for those who don’t know the area well), Colorado.  I have the house picked out (lease signed yesterday), I have the roommates.  I need the job.  Still working on that part…

But that’s my WIP for today!  The job-hunt.

And that’s a fair amount of my personal life that ya’ll haven’t seen before.

What are you working on today?

WIP Wednesday: More Clown Vomit

Happy Wednesday!  You all know what Wednesday means, more WIP!  Check out Tami’s blog for all of the details 😀

My WIP this week is a continuation of last week, the clown vomit pants have grown some, I split for the legs last week and although I didn’t get much knitting done over the fun and busy weekend, class has provided a fair amount of knitting time.

they don't look *quite* as wonky as this picture makes them look...

I’m doing the legs at the same time to better ensure an equal length.  This sometimes makes me feel like no progress is being made, but if I consider how long a single leg would be if it were doubled, I feel better about my progress.

I’m slightly concerned about the length of the crotch of the pants…they grew faster than I had anticipated…but we’ll just see how they work out with the wearer and how he feels about them.

In other news, I’m on my way to Atlanta for Stitches South today!  I’ve got some posts for the rest of the week, and will be taking tons of pictures this weekend to share next week!  I hope you all have as much fun these next few days as I’m sure I will be having 😀

FO Friday: Knucks for a Fly Fisher

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These knucks have been a project, that’s for sure.  I’ve blogged about them here, here and even here (they went on that trip with me, after which they became MIA for some time).

Now to catch some fish

I will be shipping them off to the customer this week and my biggest worry at the moment is that they fit.  He has rather large man-hands and I believe my gauge may have lied to me some, the knucks aren’t quite as big as I had hoped for.

WIP Wednesday: Clown Vomit Pants

Its Wednesday again and you all know what that means, another WIP post!  Wanna join in and/or read more? Check out Tami’s Blog to find out how 🙂

Ok, so what exactly are Clown Vomit Pants?

My rock-climbing friend asked me to make him some pants.  We picked out the color together, discussed some of the details, and I ordered the yarn.

The color isn't *quite* right...

I’ve been consistently working on these for a few days now and am a bit farther than the above picture shows.  I have divided for the legs and gotten a few inches done on each (I’m knitting both legs at the same time).  The drawstring waist is an i-cord encased in a folded over brim.

Month 3 of Yarn Diet: Complete

My stats:

Skeins used in the month of March: 0
Total skein count left: 243
Total FOs completed in March: 0
Total yarn purchases in March: 0
Total purchase remaining: 4

A benefit of having such dismal numbers for March?  I finished two projects on the first of April!  Many of my projects were >this< close to completion but as it didn’t happen in the month of March and rather on the first day of April, I didn’t feel it fair to count them here.  They’ll get a proper write-up in their own post, hopefully this week.

Knitting outside the other day, we were visited by a positive omen 🙂

My work-in-progress for the month was these knucks, which have since been completed (or at least the knitting portion was completed, there may be fabric lining and reinforcements added, but as of now, I’m counting them done).

I did not get nearly as much knitting as I normally do done this month, it was so busy with all of my weekend trips (this past weekend was the first that I’ve been home in over a month!) and all of my school nonsense, knitting definitely fell by the wayside.  April will bear much more knitted fruit!  (Maybe not “fruit” per se…but accessories and the like!)

WIP Wednesday: Something a Little Different

Welcome back for another WIP Wednesday!  Wanna find out more about them or how to join in?  Tami’s blog has all the details!

My WIP is a little different today than normal.  Instead of sharing my current knitting projects (because I have yet to take decent pictures of them) I’m going to share a Pattern in Progress!

The Scholarly Cardigan

What does that mean exactly?  Just that I’m finally in need of test knitters for the cardigan I showed you some time ago!  I meant to get the numbers in line ages ago, but in true school-form, classwork got in the way and I’ve had the time to sit down and figure out the math for the various sizes.

Interested in test-knitting for me?  Check out this thread in my Ravelry Group!