WIP Wednesday: Not the sweater you were imagining

I bet ya’ll showed up to hear about how I totally kicked that orange sweater’s butt and how it’s totally awesome and finished and wonderful.

I’m just going to be honest, if that’s the reason you came here today, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

The state of the orange sweater is as follows:IMG_3791

Instead, after realizing that my gauge for dpns is far larger than for the circulars I was knitting the rest of the sweater in, I ripped out the sleeve and started on a new sweater entirely.IMG_3777

Luckily, it looks like I do have a snowball’s chance in hell of actually finishing this one before the weekend.IMG_3781

What are you knitting this week?

WIP Wednesday: Another Hat

The orange cardi is still on hold this week, all I have left to do is the sleeves but instead I volunteered to test knit a hat pattern for Cheryl Chow!IMG_3661

I’ve mentioned before that I like to have smaller projects on-the-go with my larger projects, yes? This is one of those.IMG_3665

I love the delicate, lacy detail – it’s unique and interesting to knit.IMG_3663

I’m worried now that I’ll run out of yarn though before the finish line!  Fingers crossed that I squeak by with a yard or two left!

What are you working on this week?

Testers Needed

Oh dear readers, the time has come again during which I need some testers. I need 4 total, 1 to just test a small portion of a design and 3 to test the entire thing.

laceweight delicious

The small portion test I would like to be completed within a week and the 3 full tests I would like to be completed as soon as possible, within a month or two preferably.

diamonds are for now

The design to be tested is a rectangular shawl with lace details.  Much of the pattern includes charts and some written instructions.  The pattern needs to be tested as written with no modifications so that I know that it makes sense, etc.

The project requires 32″ circular size US 6 needles and about 1500 yds of laceweight yarn (preferably in the yarn called for in the design: Bittersweet Woolery’s Stardust Lace in Merfolk, but any laceweight yarn that gets gauge will suffice).

every stitch counts

From testers, I expect regular communication, photos and Ravelry projects to be uploaded and linked once the design is published.

Compensation for the test-knit will include a final version of the pattern once tech-edited as well as another of my patterns of your choosing.

Please email me at sillylittlelady(at)gmail(dot)com if you’d like to participate!  Thank you all so so much 🙂

FO Friday: Plaited, Braided and Opinionated

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I’m bringing you the orange hat I was working on and showed you last week!  The design is complete and its even ready for test knitters, so if you’re interested, please check out this thread in my Ravelry group to find out all the details and volunteer to test for me!

mmm squishy texture

I’m having a hard time deciding on which buttons to put on the hat so I figured I’d ask you, my dear blog readers, which buttons you like the most.

The Flowers:

pretty little white and green flowers

The Brass:

The brass section in this little orchestra

Thoughts? Opinions?

To find more FO Friday posts, visit Tami’s blog!

WIP Wednesday: Something a Little Different

Welcome back for another WIP Wednesday!  Wanna find out more about them or how to join in?  Tami’s blog has all the details!

My WIP is a little different today than normal.  Instead of sharing my current knitting projects (because I have yet to take decent pictures of them) I’m going to share a Pattern in Progress!

The Scholarly Cardigan

What does that mean exactly?  Just that I’m finally in need of test knitters for the cardigan I showed you some time ago!  I meant to get the numbers in line ages ago, but in true school-form, classwork got in the way and I’ve had the time to sit down and figure out the math for the various sizes.

Interested in test-knitting for me?  Check out this thread in my Ravelry Group!

All Grown Up

Remember this little guy I found a while back?

He's just a wittle guy

Well he’s all grown up now and even has a twin sister! They’ve been adopted into a loving home (by way of a Christmas gifting) and now the pattern for the pair is being written up and will need some test knitters.

now he's all growed up!

There are two sizes, S/M and L/XL, the small only takes one skein of Patons  Kroy Socks FX (166 yds), the larger size shouldn’t require much more (but that’s what the test knitting is for, to find out!).

and he's versatile!

To find out more or if you’re interested, let me know in the Ravelry Group!

New Hat Pattern Needing To Be Tested

Remember that super slouchy beanie I made as a custom order?  I love it so much I’m making another for myself and figured that you’d all love it too so I’ve written up the pattern for it and will be releasing it for free to the public just as soon as its been test knitted.

you know you want to make one for yourself 🙂

How do you join the fun?  Check out the discussion in my group on Ravelry!

FO Friday

So this little project has actually been “complete” for about a week now, but I lost my darn darning needle and he didn’t actually get eyes until yesterday, so he’s really complete!

Have you ever seen such a handsome elephant?

I tested the pattern by TheByrdsNest because, hey, I love elephants.  Who doesn’t need more of them around?

Walter? Pears? Name?

Matt thinks he should keep the name Pears, after the pattern, but I’m not sure he looks like a Pears.  Maybe a Walter.  What do you think?