Sample Knitting vs Test Knitting

Recently I posted in my Ravelry group that I was in search of Sample Knitters.  I find that there is a lot of confusion in what a Sample Knitter does and what a Test Knitter does, what is expected of them and how they are compensated.  I have previously written about the differences between Tech Editing and Test Knitting and today I’m going to touch on the differences between Sample Knitting and Test Knitting. Both involve a lot of responsibility and communication.

IMG_6598These are based on my own personal experience working primarily with independent designers and test knitters – details may change based on the situation and folks involved.

Sample Knitting:

  • Designer provides pattern and pattern support
  • Designer typically provides yarn
  • Sample Knitter knits the pattern exactly as it is written and if there are any questions whatsoever, they contact the designer to clarify before moving forward
  • Sample Knitter sends finished project and remaining yarn back to designer
  • Designer usually keeps the sample (or sends off to publication if that’s the case)
  • Designer pays Sample Knitter (range varies depending on the project – accessories vs garments, complexity, size, etc)

Test Knitting:

  • Designer provides pattern and pattern support
  • Designer does not typically provide yarn
  • Test Knitter knits the pattern as written unless he or she has previously clarified with the designer that modifications are allowed
  • Test Knitter keeps finished project and yarn
  • Test Knitters are usually compensated with free patterns – the number and type of pattern(s) are up to the designer’s discretion and are usually discussed before the test knit begins

Again, much of these terms are based on the individual and the work being completed – everything is subjective.  I hope this helps clear up some of the most common sources of confusion!

Testers Needed

Oh dear readers, the time has come again during which I need some testers. I need 4 total, 1 to just test a small portion of a design and 3 to test the entire thing.

laceweight delicious

The small portion test I would like to be completed within a week and the 3 full tests I would like to be completed as soon as possible, within a month or two preferably.

diamonds are for now

The design to be tested is a rectangular shawl with lace details.  Much of the pattern includes charts and some written instructions.  The pattern needs to be tested as written with no modifications so that I know that it makes sense, etc.

The project requires 32″ circular size US 6 needles and about 1500 yds of laceweight yarn (preferably in the yarn called for in the design: Bittersweet Woolery’s Stardust Lace in Merfolk, but any laceweight yarn that gets gauge will suffice).

every stitch counts

From testers, I expect regular communication, photos and Ravelry projects to be uploaded and linked once the design is published.

Compensation for the test-knit will include a final version of the pattern once tech-edited as well as another of my patterns of your choosing.

Please email me at sillylittlelady(at)gmail(dot)com if you’d like to participate!  Thank you all so so much 🙂

All Grown Up

Remember this little guy I found a while back?

He's just a wittle guy

Well he’s all grown up now and even has a twin sister! They’ve been adopted into a loving home (by way of a Christmas gifting) and now the pattern for the pair is being written up and will need some test knitters.

now he's all growed up!

There are two sizes, S/M and L/XL, the small only takes one skein of Patons  Kroy Socks FX (166 yds), the larger size shouldn’t require much more (but that’s what the test knitting is for, to find out!).

and he's versatile!

To find out more or if you’re interested, let me know in the Ravelry Group!

New Hat Pattern Needing To Be Tested

Remember that super slouchy beanie I made as a custom order?  I love it so much I’m making another for myself and figured that you’d all love it too so I’ve written up the pattern for it and will be releasing it for free to the public just as soon as its been test knitted.

you know you want to make one for yourself 🙂

How do you join the fun?  Check out the discussion in my group on Ravelry!