I seem to have acquired much new loot lately in the yarn-stash-aporium even though I swear I was last week trying to par down and knit as much as of that as possible in an effort to downsize.  Really, I was.

Granted, my adventures haven’t helped me much.  As with many others, every time I visit a new yarn store I simply must come home with a souvenir (pronouced soo-veR-neer if you’re my younger brother).  The two below are from The Quilted Purl in Georgetown that I visiteda few weekends back:

love between yarns

The one on the right is The Gentleman’s: a brown-greeney-blue alpaca and wool blend from right here in Colorado by Lonesome Stone in Granby and the one on the left is mine:  a gypsy-colored wool-nylon sock yarn from Filatura Lanarota.

And remember that Buena Vista trip we took?  And we stopped at Serendipity?  We got some there too:

good taste, on both sides

Again, the one on the right is The Gentleman’s: Tosh Vintage in Badlands (he’s got good taste, no?) and the one on the right is mine: Bijou Bliss, a yak down and cormo blend, again from Colorado.

Not to mention the more than thirteen pounds of yarn I got in the mail for a special project, some of which looks like this after some time with the winder:

the yarny version of pure gold from uruguay

I really was trying to knit through some of my stash.  Promise.