FO Friday: Quilliam

Yay!  Finally I have not-secret FO to share with you!

The other day (Friday to be exact) I was sitting at my desk, looking for any excuse to avoid doing my homework.  I was perusing Pinterest (here’s mine), looking at food and yarn porn, trying to be inspired and then I saw this cute little picture.

Pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits

And I was insta-inspired to create my own version for my friend Wesley (remember the tie?) who recently adopted an albino hedgie he’s named Quilliam.

Wes and Quilliam, the O-riginal

I didn’t follow the recipepattern, but rather looked at the picture and generated my own version, making it up as I went.  I used stash yarn, mostly from a big bag of random, vintage yarns from the thrift store (I’m pretty sure the white was handspun…) and I’m very pleased with the result 🙂  Especially how seamless and clean the little feetsies are.

Meet Quilliam the Stuffed

I gave him to my friend as a surprise and was excited when he was instantly excited about it (its always such a warm fuzzy in your belly when your knitting is appreciated, isn’t it?).  We took the two Quilliams out this weekend for them to bond and enjoy the sunshine, one was considerably more mobile than the other.


Ravelry deets here.

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FO Friday

So this little project has actually been “complete” for about a week now, but I lost my darn darning needle and he didn’t actually get eyes until yesterday, so he’s really complete!

Have you ever seen such a handsome elephant?

I tested the pattern by TheByrdsNest because, hey, I love elephants.  Who doesn’t need more of them around?

Walter? Pears? Name?

Matt thinks he should keep the name Pears, after the pattern, but I’m not sure he looks like a Pears.  Maybe a Walter.  What do you think?