A Long Hike

Saturday, while I was vising Albuquerque, I went on a hike to see the crash site of a TWA plane that was on it’s way to Santa Fe but only ten minutes after take-off crashed into the foothills of Sandia in 1955.

overgrown: the wreckage is now part of the canyon

It was a good ten mile hike, a beautiful day and an awesome way to spend time with one of my favorite people.

crumpled metal and a few pieces of discernible plane parts

The area around the wreckage was lush, surprising for New Mexico, much cooler than the base of the hike and hummingbirds seemed to favorite the area.  The humbling aspect of the deaths of 13 passengers and 3 crew members made the destination bittersweet, the hike was well worth the effort.

surprisingly loud for their size

Knitting progress to share tomorrow!