FO Friday: Hualpa Kimono

Guys, this post has been a long time coming! (We got finished project photos while we were slacklining so ignore my funny faces and weird stances!)

I hardly made any mods with this pattern – I did add a few rows of garter to the neck edge along the back piece, I didn’t like the way it rolled and you could see the wrong side of the work there. Other than that, I followed the pattern directly as written!

I really like the colors, especially how vibrant the blue is. My biggest beef with the wearability is that it slides off my shoulders very easily – I think I’ll add an icord or crochet chain between the shoulder seams to try and keep it in place a bit better.

Do you have any finished projects this week? What spring/summer knits have you got going?

Doomesday Knits – Quaintrelle Vest

Welcome to the next installment of the Doomsday Knits Blog Tour!

The Quaintrelle Vest came about out of a need for style and a need for utility.  As with most of the Dandy Folk in post-apocalyptica, I don’t want to be left out in the cold sporting something that isn’t both fashionable and functional.DD5

The vest combines stitch patterns, shaping and hidden pockets into a pretty swell ensemble.  This piece is really set apart with the use of fantastic toggle closures – the more unique, the better!

Seriously, how awesome are those toggles?

Reversed stockinette, twisted rib and the honeycomb textures along with the slightly masculine feel really play to the Dandy’s fashionable preferences. Menswear as womenswear as everyoneswear!


Knit from the bottom up and then divided for the fronts and back, the vest is grafted together at the shoulders to provide a seamless finish.   Malabrigo Worsted is the perfect yarn for this design – it knits up quick and squooshy, it comes in an awesome range of colors and it’ll keep you warm in all weather while allowing for some breathability as the temperature changes throughout the day.


Doomsday Knits is currently available for pre-order, so snag your copy!  And if you’re looking for more Doomsday goodness, don’t forget to check out all the other blog tour participants and schedule here.

The Vagabond’s Closet – A New Collection

Remember all those little bits and pieces of designs that were so sooper seekrit that I couldn’t talk about them for months? And months…and months….IMG_0026

All I could do was share tiny, teasing glimpses into the yarns, colors or textures but never tell the whole story? (or even half the story?)IMG_0085

Now I can talk about them!

The Vagabond’s Closet is a 5 piece collection that features knit articles and accessories that, whether worn together or separately, are sure to complement your nomadic lifestyle. (Click through on the links or pictures to learn more about the design and see more pretty pictures!)The Vagabond's Closet

Showing off a variety of Malabrigo’s absolutely gorgeous yarns, the assortment ranges in yarn weights, colors used, techniques explored and difficulty levels.  Among the items you’ll find the Wayfaring Vest:The Wayfaring Vest

A circle vest that starts from the center of the back and is worked out with a stranded colorwork star motif and a combination of simple colorwork and textural interest.

The Transient Tunic:The Transient Tunic

The tunic is modifiable in length and the fabric has a generous amount of give so any of the 4 sizes should fit most adult women!  The geometric detail in the waistband is where it’s all started, with stitches picked up for the top and skirt later.

The Tattered So Chic Mitts:The Tattered So Chic Mitts

A simple shape and texture with visually interesting dropped stitch details – each mitt has a different make-up so even though it seems like you’re knitting plain stockinette the end results are stunning!  The length allows the mitts to run all the way from your knuckles to your upper arms, but they look just as chic slouched down below your elbows.

The Nomadic Nights Slouch:The Nomadic Nights Slouch

With chunky yarn, this slouch is a super quick knit.  The colorwork and textural interest make it fun to work on and the interesting construction and shape make it totally unique!

and the Wrapping Up The Journey Skirt:The Wrapping Up The Journey Skirt

A one-size fits most, wrap-style skirt, this one is elevated with the gorgeous color combinations found only in Malabrigo’s yarns.  Make it longer by knitting the panels longer, adding more panels or colors; wear it over jeans, leggings or bare legs – it’s perfect for all seasons!

The collection can be purchased as an ebook for a discounted price or as individual patterns.20130717-IMG_5901-2

Where do your knitting and traveling dreams take you?  Mine take me around the world, visiting every place I haven’t yet seen and meeting all the new people along the way (sadly, these dreams are not supported by my bank account…).


**I just want to quickly shoutout to the awesome photographer, Travis Dodd!*

FO Friday: A Little Vest for a Growing Kid

I’m back!  We finally got the internet at our new house and I promise to share little tidbits of how we’re prettying up the place.  Today, however, I’m sharing a recent project:

gettin' all growed up

A vest for my nephew.  This vest was a collaboration between my mother and I, she knit the body and I picked up the sleeve bands and neck bands.

excuuuuuse the dog hair

It’s amazing how quick that little bugger is growing and I hope to be able to visit soon and see his handsome face!  And those of his parents and my family too 🙂

To share your FO and read more, check out Tami’s blog!  I promise to be back Monday with music and the rest of the week with updates.