WIP Wednesday: Big and Little

This week the projects I’m working on are kind of opposites.

One of them is a big garment knit with big yarn on big needles.

The other is a small set knit with small yarn on small needles.

(and there’s the other project which is kind of in the middle and makes Goldilocks happy).

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the big project is Aidez. I mentioned last week that I started on the first sleeve in lieu of a gauge swatch and I’m cruising right along with that! Knitting with US 10.5 (6.5 mm) dpns for this part feels like knitting with trees and it took my hands a few rounds to get used to working with them. It’s so satisfying how quick this knits up though and I’ll hopefully have a finished sweater in no time!

The small project is a new pair of socks for me that I shared just the beginnings of on Instagram. These are the Traditional Gansey Socks from Wendy D. Johnson’s Socks From The Toe Up Book. The yarn is stashed Dream in Color Smooshy in the Amber Glass colorway. As I mentioned with the last socks, I wanted to get a new set of needles to see if that helped with knitting – I got some Chiao Goo US 1 (2.25 mm) and the join between the needle and the cable is *so* much more smooth! The knitting isn’t faster yet, probably because of the 100% merino yarn being a bit grippy, but I’m not fighting with the stitches when I move them around the cable.

I know that for the past year I was kind of a monogamous knitter but I’m enjoying have multiple projects on the go right now! It’s kind of fun switching between the two extremes 🙂

What are you knitting this week?

WIP Wednesday: Quiet Week Around These Parts

Sorry for the radio silence you guys! I had full intentions of blogging last Friday and this Monday but, as you may have noticed, that didn’t quite happen. I’m going to my damndest not to let it happen again!

I’ve been primarily working on the Hualpa Kimono the past few days and I’m so close to being done with the back piece! I’m more than 75% of the way there and I think the fronts will be a breeze (how many times has that sentiment blown up in my face? Don’t answer that.).

And another victory I’ve reached on this project – the need to start a new ball of the blue! Woo! That surely means I’m making progress – yarn doesn’t just disappear without being knit up (don’t correct me on that one either).

Yes, I am still keeping my yarn in the original kit bag. I don’t carry it around with me as a project bag because of the size and that fact that it isn’t a flexible material but I have enjoyed keeping the spirit of the original kit alive.

What are you working on this week? Making more progress than I am I hope!

WIP Wednesday: Mad and Mal

This week I’m trying to focus my energies on that collaborative project I mentioned a few weeks back. I’m knitting it with Malabrigo Twist in a simple rib pattern and really loving the quick knit process. Can you guess what is it yet?IMG_1898

I’m also working on a new hat design I started just the other week. This is being worked out of MadelineTosh Tosh Merino DK in the Maple Leaf colorway. I’m planning on writing up two versions of this hat pattern and offering them both on Ravelry.  I’ll be looking for test knitters soon, if you’re interested drop me a line!IMG_1902

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Something New

I have something new to share today!  It’s small, just begun, but it’s new and I’m so happy about that.IMG_6924

This little guy is going to be a hat for my Grandpa.  This hat is currently my purse-knitting and the knitting that I work on while walking to and from my shifts at the cafe.  Easy peasy ribbing in the round on size US 10 needles.IMG_6926

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Slow but Steady Progress

I  haven’t had a lot of time to knit lately what with the new year, moving (again), catching a nasty cold and everything else life has thrown at me but I am trying to get a few dedicated minutes where I can.IMG_6638

I finished the first sleeve last week and immediately started the second.

My concern? Unless I packed away another skein of this Mrs. Crosby Plays in Squid Ink, I may run out of it and that would require some creative thinking about the neckline (and that’s assuming I have enough to finish the second sleeve in the first place).IMG_6644

What are you working on this week?  Feel free to share links in the comments!  I’ll try to get as many as I can 🙂

WIP Wednesday: Polar Warmth

This week I’m primarily working on the sweater for my Aunteeeee J and happy with the progress!

The front is completed, the back is moving along and over the weekend I coerced my knitting momma to help me start a sleeve.IMG_6035

All that I need to do is finish the back and sleeve, knit another sleeve, block and sew the pieces together then do the cowl collar. That’s not too much to get done in time to ship it for Christmas, is it?

The yarn is Mrs. Crosby Plays Hatbox and, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I’m loving it!  The colors are gorgeous (I’m being careful to alternate skeins every few rows because it is hand-dyed and has it’s quirks) and the yarn is very pleasant to knit with.

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Behind the Scenes (also, I need Help!)

I’ve certainly been busy lately – adjusting to the latest move, working on Tech Editing, developing my own designs, preparing for a show – knitting has been happening albeit slowly.IMG_5720

I’m making progress on that project for my Aunteeeee and although it looks like a pile of unassuming stockinette, that’s about to change here soon and I’m looking forward to the exciting part!IMG_5722

I haven’t made as much progress on the Pintuck Cardigan as I’d like, nor have I had a lot of time and ability to work on this secret project either.IMG_5724

I say “ability” because I’ve got wrist issues (probably, most likely, sadly, stemming from too much knitting) and I need to limit my knitting quantity.  I’ve recently decided that, yes, I do need help.  I’m looking for a Sample Knitter to help me bring my designs to life and to keep my wrists a bit safer than trying to tackle all these projects by myself.  If you’re interested, see this thread!

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday: Something New and a Something Green

Phew, it’s been a busy week!  I’ve pretty much been moving and not sitting at my computer for the past …… quite a few days. An unfortunate side effect of being so busy is that I’ve also had next to no time to knit!IMG_5440

I do have a few things going right now – something new that I can’t share too much of yet but let me sing this yarn’s praises for a second!  This is Imperial Yarn’s Tracie Too and I’m in love!  I love the creamy white color, the soft but durable texture (I know its durable because I’ve ripped out this project and swatches for it numerous times and it has yet to show any wear) and, get this, it still smells of its wonderful, sheepy origins! (Those super cute stitch markers are from Wool n Wire)IMG_5442

I’m also still chugging along on the Pintuck Cardigan, it’s my purse-knitting right now so it’s seen the most action during lunch breaks and things. Only a sleeve and a half to go before I can wear this sucker!

What are you working on this week?

WIP Wednesday

Much progress has been made on the sweater KAL for both Hannah and I and I’m totally loving how this Rylie yarn is knitting up!IMG_4758

The shawl hasn’t been knit on too much, but every now and then I just need a long garter row with very little detail and it just hits the right spot.  I know it’ll be done as soon as I’m able, probably after this new sweater is finished.

What are you working on this week?


WIP Wednesday: New Projects!

Man oh man, it seems like all of my WIP Wednesdays lately have been projects that I’ve talked about for weeks or even months.  But not this week!  No siree. I’ve got some new things to share this week.IMG_4731

Two new things to be exact. Last Thursday I cast-on for one of my 2014 Goals projects – something beaded.  I’ve had the yarn and the beads ready for….oh…about a year now? And I figured no better time than the present to this baby started so that perhaps I can finish it in the year I deemed it a goal. I’m planning to make the Olive Garden shawl.  So far I’m in the luscious garter section and I love how the lace weight yarn is working up in this cozy stitch.IMG_4732

The yarn is Bittersweet Woolery’s Stardust Lace (I’m using the leftover yarn from my Compass Rose Shawl for this) and the beads are a super fun bright yellow!IMG_4689

Friday during our “lunch break” Hannah and I cast on for our little KAL – a cardigan that will be revealed soon so I can’t say too much but let me tell you, the yarn is awesome!  We’re both using Hikoo Rylie, hers in the Periwinkle colorway and mine is in the Kelp colorway.IMG_4734

What are you working on this week?  New stuffs?  Old stuffs?