WIP Wednesday: Life and a Sweater

Where I am this week versus last week is so different, and not just with the sweater!IMG_1840

Saturday I moved back to Colorado, this time heading a little farther north than my previous home near Denver to the cute little town of Loveland to start the next chapter of my life!  My first few days at my new job have been fantastic, my coworkers are all making me feel welcome and seriously, I get to talk about knitting all day long with people who share my obsession  passion with it.IMG_1829

Because I get to talk about it all day, I’m always very motivated to get to work on my own projects when I get home and the sweater is moving right along!  I’ve finished the pocket and body and started  a sleeve.  IMG_1844

Fixing the cable mis-hap was totally worth it and I think they look so much better now than they did.IMG_1850

I’m still working on the seekrit project so the sweater isn’t quite as far as it could be, but I don’t really mind.  IMG_1824

Linking up with Tami as usual!  What are you working on this week?  Any fun adventures in your life?

WIP Wednesday: The Sweater

My WIP in progress this week is the Miranda Sweater!

I decided to turn the disappointment from last week into this pullover vs the Aidez cardigan mostly because of gauge conflicts.  I’ll knit that Aidez someday, but right now I just don’t have the yarn for it.IMG_1357

I’m knitting the 35” size and am hoping that the ever so slightly tighter gauge that I got will even out with the ever so slightly larger size.  I still want the sweater to be able to layer over t-shirts and the like but not so baggy that it’s unflattering.  I’m also hoping that the US 8 (5mm) needles will help keep the single ply Malabrigo Worsted from pilling too quickly, but that’s something we’ll just have to wait and see I guess! IMG_1363

So far I haven’t made any mods, I’m past the short row back shaping and moving right along the shoulders hoping to divide for the sleeves very soon!

Linking up with Tami as usual!  What are you knitting this week?


So that sweater I was showing you last week? Yea…I don’t know if it’s going to work out the way I wanted.

Originally, I wanted an over-sized slightly cropped-ish-high-low-hemp-type thing.  Then I decided that maybe the high-low hem wouldn’t be too flattering on a petite person.  So I decided that I would just make it an over-sized pullover.  Then I didn’t make enough hip increases.IMG_1168

So what do we have?  Over-sized on top, fitted on the bottom, and altogether a hot mess.  This is where you come in!  I need some help deciding which direction to go here.  I’m thinking I need to rip the whole thing out, but I don’t know what to knit with this yarn next!IMG_1169

I know I want a sweater, and I’m leaning toward the Miranda but I don’t usually wear pullovers so now I’m doubting that too!!  So the other top contender is the Aidez cardigan.

What’s a knitter to do?  What would you knit with a sweater’s worth of Malabrigo Worsted?  Tell me in the comments, share links, share your own projects, help help help!

More of a Peak

Yesterday I didn’t exactly show you the sweater I was making, just the massive ball of yarn it was coming from.

this will not be a bra-sweater

Now that it’s grown enough that you can start to see the pattern and I can actually try it on, I decided it was about time to show you all.

cameraface, excuse the crazy hair, I was feeling lazy

This is what I consider a “mindless” project – easy raglan shape, easy numbers, straightforward lace panel, thick yarn and needles.

the ball baby is getting smaller

What do you consider mindless?

FO Friday: Gotta Keep The Legs Warm

Last weekend my roomie went climbing at Indian Creek and was worried about the cold weather and being able to stay warm.  I told her that I could make up some quick legwarmers for her to take and climb in, it was Wednesday afterall and she wasn’t leaving until Friday.  I had plenty of time.

Except that it was Thursday and not Wednesday.

Had it actually been Wednesday like I was originally thinking when I offered, the warmers would have been done in plenty of time and on her legs whilst crag climbing in the desert.

Regardless, they were completed last weekend and will be traveling to other climbing destinations in the future!Quick, but not quite quick enough

I used some label-less stash yarn in the colors of rocks on size 9 needles in a k2p2 pattern.

Do you have an FO to share or want to read more?  Check out Tami’s blog for the details!

Aidez Post-Poned


Remember that KAL I was doing with Freshy?  The one where we both going to finally knit the Aidez for ourselves and be supremely happy with the phenomenal results?

Mine has been postponed.

The yarn I chose isn’t getting gauge and although I do love the fabric created by the yarn, it just won’t work for this sweater and so I’m putting it aside until I can design something phenomenal out of it for myself.

Now doesn't that scream to be made into squooshy cables wrapped around my body? I thought so too.

I suppose this post-ponement isn’t altogether bad, I *do* have another excuse to go yarn shopping right?  I simply must get appropriate yarn for Aidez so that I can don this oh-so-freaking-cute cardigan by the time its cold enough outside.

Have you knit Aidez?  Share your stories with me!  I’m always enjoying others’ renditions of this immediate classic 🙂

Something I’ve Never Tried Before

Now, remember when I said last week that I was looking for a yarn to go with my Paris yarn at the Stitches South marketplace?

My thought process was that if I had a goal-yarn in mind, it would help curb impulse spending, (being a broke college student also helps impulse spending, incidentally)   and for the most part, it did.  I bought 10 skeins of Silky Wool in a taupe color because I’ve been in love with the silky wool since my momma had me wind some for her last summer, not to mention it was 50% off in those quantities (you can be expecting another design coming this fall with that yarn).

so much yarn everywhere!

Back to my goal-yarn.

I searched and I searched and for a change of pace, I searched some more.  I knew sort-of what I was looking for, something to bring out the bits of yellow in the gray-ish alpaca I brought home.  I wanted something with a bit of a halo, since the alpaca itself has a bit of a halo.  I wanted it to be of a similar weight – about fingering or sock weight perhaps.

So many of the yellows I found were too rainy-day and some were too dandelion.  Some were too pastel and others were too mustard.

Finally, I found it.  I found my Paris-yarn soul mate.  The color was perfect, just rich enough to add interest, depth and dimension.  The yarn was thin with just a touch of halo, less than the alpaca but not perfectly smooth.

Meet Frank

I’ve never had the pleasure of using Malabrigo before, this was my first Malabrigo purchase and it was so worth it.  I picked up two skeins of the Malabrigo Lace in Frank Ochre.

I’m still sort of deciding what I want to do with it, I know I want it wrapped around my neck/face area because it is so devastatingly soft and I’m thinking I want fringies as well….a scarf, shawl, or cowl……..

And as a bit of added awesomeness to the weekend, I won some Malabrigo Worsted at the Student Fashion Show dinner they had Saturday night too 🙂

First Pattern Release of 2011!

The Super Slouchy Beanie with PomPom is now ready to be knit by all!

mrsmouse's super slouchy beanie!

I want to thank my very generous and hard-working test knitters, mrsmouse and mamatwitch (both Ravelry links) for testing out the pattern and catching any glitches, thanks so much you guys!

My 1st version 🙂

You can find the FREE pattern for the hat on Ravelry here 🙂

and it grows!


A simple knit, but also the coolest hat you’ll own!  Knit with plenty of extra slouch and accessorized with a sizable PomPom, what’s not to love about this beanie?  The pattern is written to be very flexible when it comes to yarn choice and just about any worsted weight yarn will do the trick making it perfect for your handspun beauties or that single impulse skein you picked up on a whim.  This would also be a great project to use up scrap yarn or those odd balls and skeins that are lying around dying to be used.  Perfect for beginners and experts alike, the hat is also a quick knit and would make for a great last minute gift for everyone on your list!