FO Friday: Quite Stylish You Are

I have a quick little post for you this morning, another FO to share!

Remember I mentioned that I was making an adult version of the Yoda hat I’d made for my nephew?  It’s been completed and given to the customer and I quite like how it turned out:

Consulting the Force Before Heading to Work

Not to mention it was fun to model:

Getting Ready to Knock Out the Day

To read more and share your own FOs, visit Tami’s blog!

In Use

I love love LOVE getting pictures of my handknits in use, don’t you?
I just got this one the other day of my nephew and his momma both wearing hat’s I’ve made for them:

Jedis have mommies too

In the mean time, I’ve been working really hard getting things ready for my show and I apologize for the lack of posts! Pictures and stories to come, I promise!
what are you working on this season?

A Wee Jedi


My nephew and family celebrated the first year after his birth just a few weeks ago and as you all know, in the knitting world, new babes can


not go unspoiled when it comes to knitwear and such a celebration was definitely a worthy cause.


As his parents (and much of the rest of the family) are of the nerd variety, I thought that this hat would be perfect for him:

A Wee Jedi

This was gifted to him along with his Christmas stocking I shared with you and I hope that they both see much love and use in the future.