Want To Work Together?

Do you think your audience and my audience would be great friends if they got to meet each other?  Email me at SillyLittleLady@gmail.com and let’s get the ball rolling!
I like Guest Posting, Cross-Posting and otherwise sharing new information, people, patterns, experiences with my readers and I’m sure I’d love to share it with yours too!  These posts might include interviews, product reviews, craft-alongs, giveaways, collaborative designs, something not craft-related (I do enjoy a good beer, hanging out with my dog and adventuring in the outdoors, what do you like to do?) – pretty much whatever you can think of!
Have an idea for something else entirely? Don’t be shy, I’m always up for new things!

2 thoughts on “Want To Work Together?

  1. Hi Holly,

    Would you be interested in doing some comission work for me? I am just looking for a jumper to be made and have done some of my own designs for it. I would also like to use some high quality materials such as alpaca wool or even cashmere. Please consider my proposal if you have any free time! Best wishes!

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