The Ultimate Guide – Video 4

It’s Thursday and you know what that means!

This is the 4th video in my mini-series (see all of them here) about having a business in the knitting industry. We’re talking about Step 3 today and Step 3 is all about persistence, consistency and improvement! How are you going to grow and maintain the business you’ve built? Through consistency, grit and expanding into new arenas!

Do I need to say consistency again? Because that’s a huge part! If you want to make a change in virtually any stage of life, you need to be consistent about the actions you’re taking and building a business is no different.

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The Ultimate Guide – Video 3

Happy Thursday Knitters!

Today the 3rd video in The Ultimate Guide to Starting, Growing and Maintaining Your Knitting Business drops!

We’ve already talked about why you may NOT want to start a knitting-related business as well as the first step to take if you decide to move forward regardless. In this video we’re talking about how and where to sell your products or services!

The Ultimate Guide – Video 2

Happy Thursday Knitters!

This is the second video in my series called The Ultimate Guide to Starting, Growing & Maintaining Your Knitting Business and we’re talking about Steps 0 and 1.

“Step 0? Holly, what are you talking about Step 0? How is that even a step?”

Well first, you’ve gotta really decide for yourself whether this is the right path for you. Do you love knitting? Do you love designing? Do you love creating your knitting notions – stitch markers, needles, stitch holders, closures, etc? Did you know that turning that passion and hobby into a business is a LOT of hard work and time and may cause your passion for it to dwindle some? Owning a business – especially a business that started as a hobby – isn’t right for every person and I want you to make sure that it’s actually the right path for you.

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FO Friday: Another Shift Knob Cover

I published my free pattern for shift knob covers in August of 2011 (crazypants!) and I periodically get requests from non-knitters to make some custom ones for their cars. The other week I got one such request – a black cover with a red pom on top.

I used some stashed Malabrigo Rios (look familiar?) and some stashed Malabrigo sock to make this request come to life.

These are a quick knit, especially if done in a single color, and are fun to make while using up small bits of stash yarn! Sadly, my car doesn’t have one yet – what is that saying about the cobbler’s kids having no shoes? That’s how my car is. I spend all my personal knitting time on garments and accessories for me and not my Suza-roo. 

What have you been knitting this week? Any fun finished objects to share? Do you knit accessories for your car?


WIP Wednesday: Garment Progress

Both my current garment WIPs have seen some progress this week!

The Kinton has been joined at the underarms and now I can just go round and round and work on the body. In another inch or two I’ll start some a-line shaping but for now, it’s just basic knitting and a little lace. 

The second sleeve of the Aidez has also grown – I love how the big yarn and needles means that just a little bit of knitting time shows actual progress. I may need to keep bulky projects on my needles at all times!

What are you working on this week? Garments? Accessories? Gifts? Big stuff? Small stuff?