New Pattern: Midnight Stroll Cardigan

At long last, another pattern for you guys! And this one, my friends, is seriously one of my favorites. This is my Midnight Stroll Cardigan, my contribution to the Cozy Fall Light ebook collaboratively produced with Teresa Gregorio and Kirsten Singer.IMG_1595

Midnight Stroll is a wrap-ish cardigan knit out of Manos del Uruguay Serena and Lion Brand LB Collection Silk Mohair. It’s knit from side to side and the sleeves are picked up and worked in the round from the top down with short-row shaped caps. Stitches are picked up along the side and bottom edges and worked with mitres while stitches are picked up and worked straight along the collar.IMG_1596

Personally, I love the drape created when worn open but I also like being able to wrap myself in it and the architectural look that creates in itself.IMG_1609

This pattern is available individually or as part of the ebook (you get a discount on all patterns if you choose the ebook!). IMG_1626

I hope you all love this sweater as much as I do, and special thanks Linda for working up the sample for me! If you live in or are visiting New Jersey anytime soon, you should absolutely go on one of her Photo Tours!


Cozy Fall Light: A Collaborative Ebook

Earlier this year Teresa Gregorio, Kirsten Singer and myself decided to work on an ebook together. Cozy Fall Light is the culmination of those efforts and in it you’ll find 3 fun, sophisticated and cozy sweaters. There are two cardigans and a cropped pullover in this collection.

Kat is Teresa’s sweater and I think it is equal parts young and sophisticated. I love how she’s styled it in these photos!

Kirsten worked up Carlee. The details really make this sweater, in my opinion. The cables on the cuffs and collar as well as the ribbing on the side are a great pairing.

My contribution is Midnight Stroll. It’ll get it’s own post with details about my inspiration but let’s just say that this has become a fast favorite in my closet rotation!

Check out each of our blogs this week to learn more about our individual designs and the processes behind them!

FO Friday: Another Viking Helmet

I finally finished this puppy. Once I put my nose to the grindstone, it didn’t take too long to complete but it certainly took longer for me than the past few I’ve made. I wanted to use mostly stash yarns for this one and I accomplished the feat of not having to purchase more yarn! Woo! Stash busting!

This was made for a long-time friend of mine who travels between Antarctica and Alaska primarily but makes a few trips to Denver a year and we always make the time to see each other when we can. I’m excited to see the pictures of this helmet on it’s many adventures!IMG_1791 (1)

I released the Bearded Viking Helmet in 2012 and thought that it was finally time to revamp the pattern! I’m re-releasing it this month and if you use the code viking4life you can get it for 20% now through the end of the month (that’s a good headstart on your Halloween costume)!

What are you working on? Have you finished anything lately?

WIP Wednesday: Mad and Mal

This week I’m trying to focus my energies on that collaborative project I mentioned a few weeks back. I’m knitting it with Malabrigo Twist in a simple rib pattern and really loving the quick knit process. Can you guess what is it yet?IMG_1898

I’m also working on a new hat design I started just the other week. This is being worked out of MadelineTosh Tosh Merino DK in the Maple Leaf colorway. I’m planning on writing up two versions of this hat pattern and offering them both on Ravelry.  I’ll be looking for test knitters soon, if you’re interested drop me a line!IMG_1902

What are you working on this week?

TV + Knitting

Most knitters know the benefits that come from knitting and watching TV (and many also know that watching TV and knitting can lead to dropped stitches, a mis-crossed cable or some other ‘design element’). 

Sometimes watching a show or movie benefits your knitting in other ways – it can inspire new designs or entire books! Teresa Gregorio and Leah Coccari-Swift are two such inspired designers. Great Northern is a collaborative collection inspired by the show Twin Peaks and surely you’ve seen some of the awesome designs floating around the knitting section of the internet.

The gals have started a Kickstarter Campaign to ensure that their dream of this book can be met and we can help them! I, for one, want to see these design drawings knit up and made into patterns, don’t you? Support the book through the Kickstarter campaign, score some awesome rewards and find some good TV knitting for yourself.

WIP Wednesday: Olive Garden Shawl

This has been my backseat project for a while and now that I’ve pulled it back out again my worries about running out of yarn have resurfaced.IMG_1858

I’ve got 33g of this lace weight yarn left and I know I won’t be able to get the full size of the shawl out of it but I don’t know exactly how much farther I can get out of it before I need to start the gorgeous border.IMG_1859

What’s your most reliable way to play responsible yarn chicken? I would hate to get close to the end and not be able to finish out all the beautiful edging rows!

WIP Wednesday: Another Viking In The Making

This is….probably…the…fourth? fifth? Viking Helmet I’ve made and although it’s moving along slower than the others (thanks painful ulnar nerve) it *is* coming along.IMG_1855

This puppy has been put into high speed because the recipient of it will be visiting Denver in just a few days and I want to make sure that I can put the finishing touches on it while he’s here.

You see here the first horn and if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that I wrapped up the first horn while drinking delicious beer at Upslope Brewing on Monday (I love their Thai IPA). In an attempt to outsmart myself and the clock, I cast on the second horn right away and it’s moving along slowly but surely.

What are you working on this week?