When I first learned how to knit I decided, like many a knitter, to make myself a scarf.  I wanted a charcoal scarf with creamy white diamonds on each end.  You can see the learning process in the knitting of the scarf: one end is uneven with holes, increases and decreases, then after some time it evens out and the opposite end has smooth, even sides.  For the diamonds, instead of knitting squares and sewing them to the scarf sideways, I decided to challenge myself and learned how to knit the increases and decreases to make the piece shaped like a diamond.

These days, I like to design things that are functional, youthful and fun to knit as well as to wear.  Most of my patterns can be found on my Ravelry page!

6 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. Im just wondering where I can buy one of your woolen shify knobs covers and its not on your website.I mean the purschasing part.I needed 2 like them.really unique

  2. I would like a knit shift knob cover i was wonderin if u could do red on top yellow in the middle and green on the bottom and how much would it cost shipped to my door

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