Happy Weekend!

In the US, this weekend is Labor Day Weekend which means that many folka (myself included) get Monday off to galavant in whatever non-work related way they please.

I’m headed to the mountains with my Dad and younger brother (and Miss Lisa, of course) and I’ll report back next week with photos of our adventures!

Enjoy your weekend whatever you end up doing, get your knit on!

FO Friday: Bound for Snow

When I was finally able to actually focus on this hat, it moved along rather quickly and became an FO almost overnight!  I really love the way the tonal yarn picks up and plays with the texture of the body of that.

The pattern was great, charted and written instructions to appeal to both groups of knitters (I’m a chart reader, myself) and it gave me ample opportunity to practice cabling without a cable needle.  “Practice” being loosely defined, I very rarely use cable needles these days.

I think this will be a very welcome addition to my knits basket this winter – Colorado winters give plenty of reason to just keep on knittin’.

Pattern: Snowbound by Justyna Lorkowska

Yarn: Madeline Tosh DK (we believe, there was no label)

What are you working on this week?  Have you finished anything fun lately?

WIP Wednesday

Much progress has been made on the sweater KAL for both Hannah and I and I’m totally loving how this Rylie yarn is knitting up!IMG_4758

The shawl hasn’t been knit on too much, but every now and then I just need a long garter row with very little detail and it just hits the right spot.  I know it’ll be done as soon as I’m able, probably after this new sweater is finished.

What are you working on this week?


FO Friday: A Fun Piece of Desk Flair

In addition to all the other projects I’ve been knitting, I also have been working on this cute project to decorate my little desk space at work.IMG_4599

I knit a super long i-cord out of some white KnitPicks Swish then added little triangles in various weights and colors to destash a bit, add some color and keep it interesting.  The fun part about the colors is that they all represent a different, former-project and different times in my life – that’s the beauty of stashbusting!IMG_4596

That yellow is some wool I dyed myself circa 2008 with turmeric.  The darker purple is leftovers from this hat.  The orange is leftover from this great vest.  The red was leftover from a Christmas gift or two.  The light green and purple-y green are from these mitts.  The pink is leftover from a pair of mitts I made so long ago they aren’t even on Ravelry.  The darker green was the tail end of the yarn used for this hat.  It’s like jumping back through time or looking through a scrap book!IMG_4600

(That elephant I made a few years ago, his name is Wallis!)

My desk was pretty severely lacking in personality and “happy” and I think this little project puts me in a better place to get stuff done everyday!

Do you knit things that aren’t going to be worn?  How is your desk space decorated (at home, or at the office!)?

WIP Wednesday: New Projects!

Man oh man, it seems like all of my WIP Wednesdays lately have been projects that I’ve talked about for weeks or even months.  But not this week!  No siree. I’ve got some new things to share this week.IMG_4731

Two new things to be exact. Last Thursday I cast-on for one of my 2014 Goals projects – something beaded.  I’ve had the yarn and the beads ready for….oh…about a year now? And I figured no better time than the present to this baby started so that perhaps I can finish it in the year I deemed it a goal. I’m planning to make the Olive Garden shawl.  So far I’m in the luscious garter section and I love how the lace weight yarn is working up in this cozy stitch.IMG_4732

The yarn is Bittersweet Woolery’s Stardust Lace (I’m using the leftover yarn from my Compass Rose Shawl for this) and the beads are a super fun bright yellow!IMG_4689

Friday during our “lunch break” Hannah and I cast on for our little KAL – a cardigan that will be revealed soon so I can’t say too much but let me tell you, the yarn is awesome!  We’re both using Hikoo Rylie, hers in the Periwinkle colorway and mine is in the Kelp colorway.IMG_4734

What are you working on this week?  New stuffs?  Old stuffs?

Another Non-knitting Project

This past weekend was slotted for “Finishing Projects” and “Cleaning the house” along with the other normal weekend stuff like lazing about and knitting.  IMG_4714

I’d been wanting to make this shelf system since I saw a similar thing on Pinterest a few weeks ago. IMG_4711

I immediate went out and bought the supplies – HomeDepot even cut up the boards and dowels for me so all I had to do was drill some holes with the bit they sold me and hang the thing – easy peasy, right?IMG_4701

Eh, not so much. Turns out the bit they gave me might not have been quite right for the project but with some help from my roommate, we finally got those dang holes drilled on Sunday.  After that, it was easy enough to place the dowels, attach some wire and find the perfect spot to hang it.IMG_4710

The shelf is displayed happily in my kitchen. (these sideways shots are not for artistic perspective, it’s to minimize the fact that some of the holes might not be so “in a straight line” as they should be. whatever.)IMG_4712

Does this count as one of those Pinterest #nailedit things? Oh, and of course my work was supervised, Lisa takes her job very seriously.IMG_4696

Project of the Non-Knitting Variety

One of the more fun things about having a house is that I can make things to put in it and make it even more functional for *me*. One of the things I’ve wanted to add to the place for a little while now is a chalkboard.IMG_4550

I used an old window that already had the character and the chipping paint (and you see those kitty prints in all the dust?), but also the size was perfect for in-home use.IMG_4719

The only things I had to purchase for this were a can of chalkboard spray paint, some wire to hang it with and that little metal ring used to hold the chalk jar to the bottom – all in all, less than $5 spent on materials. Winning? I think so.IMG_4717

What are some of your favorite home DIY projects?

FO Friday: Fisherman’s Rib Beanie

It feels like I finished this hat ages ago! In the past few weeks I’ve finished a thing or two and wanting to share them separately means that they get posted a little late from time to time and I apologize.

The Fisherman’s Rib beanie was my “desk” project at work for a while and now that’s done, I know it’s going to be a favorite cozy, soft beanie this winter (and even this summer, I wore it during our hike last weekend). I’d never made anything with the Fisherman Rib pattern before but I do love the squooshy resulting fabric!

I knit this out of some Hikoo Simplinatural in a charcoal grey with a little poppy stripe of some super pretty turquoise dk yarn held double (not sure what it was, the label has mysterious disappeared!).

What have you been knitting lately?  Have you ever tried Fisherman’s Rib?