The Ultimate Guide – Video 2

Happy Thursday Knitters!

This is the second video in my series called The Ultimate Guide to Starting, Growing & Maintaining Your Knitting Business and we’re talking about Steps 0 and 1.

“Step 0? Holly, what are you talking about Step 0? How is that even a step?”

Well first, you’ve gotta really decide for yourself whether this is the right path for you. Do you love knitting? Do you love designing? Do you love creating your knitting notions – stitch markers, needles, stitch holders, closures, etc? Did you know that turning that passion and hobby into a business is a LOT of hard work and time and may cause your passion for it to dwindle some? Owning a business – especially a business that started as a hobby – isn’t right for every person and I want you to make sure that it’s actually the right path for you.

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