Cheap and Easy

I like traveling.  I do, really.  I like going on roadtrips, flying to new locations and hopping a train to somewhere else.

I also appreciate punctuality and don’t like getting to the airport nice and early as per their suggestion only to find out that my flight has been delayed an hour.  These are precious moments that I could have spent with my friends but instead I was stuck in a noisy port watching the screen as my delay fluctuated between an hour, and hour and half, forty-five minutes and back.

Once we finally boarded, the flight attendants weren’t very nice and I had no knitting to keep my mind occupied.  What is usually a quick and enjoyable flight was nothing of the sort and I was irritated.

oh the things you'll see!

Right before we landed the flight attendants came through the cabin one more time and gave each and every passenger a warm chocolate chip cookie.

And the airline redeemed themselves.  I can be bought cheaply and easily, with cookies no less.

And no, I didn’t get a picture of the cookie, it didn’t last long enough to get my camera out.

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