Just Around The Corner

Its almost half way through August already and do you  know what that means?  Fall knitting!  And Winter knitting!  And Christmas knitting!

My latest designwould be perfect for a transitional fall-to-winter-to-spring piece:

The Braided Slouch

Looking for a flattering, customizable top?  My best sellercan be made into a tunic length for layering or shorter for those who’d prefer a quicker knit:

The Green T

Want other accessories, cardigans or gift ideas?  Perhaps one of my other designs would suit your fancy 🙂  Whatever you choose to knit, don’t forget:

Knit Fast. Die Warm.


2 thoughts on “Just Around The Corner

  1. I think I need a button that says Knit Fast. Die Warm. Several of them in fact.

    Anyway, I’ve got blankets on the brain. Also hats, and sweaters. Can’t help myself.

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