WIP Wednesday: ACTUAL Progress

Happy End of 2014!! I hope this year has been wonderful for you and that you’re so excited to start the new one.  My knitting has transformed a bit and for that I’m pleased.  It’s not just a pile of scrunched up grey stockinette anymore!  The back is finished and a sleeve is being worked on!IMG_0393

My wonderful momma cast on this sleeve when I visited over Thanksgiving and got a few inches into it before I left, every little bit counts and I’m thrilled to have had her help in this.

Having the two biggest pieces of the sweater done makes me feel like the sleeves, blocking, sewing and neckline will move along fairly quickly, or perhaps I’m just feeling the “Finished a Piece Mojo” that comes with a long-awaited bind off.

What are you knitting this last day of 2014?  Selfish knitting? Wrapping up belated gifts?

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