WIP Wednesday: Every Little Bit Counts

I’ve been primarily working on the Hualpa Kimono project lately, a few rows here, a few rows there. I haven’t been able to spend a good chunk of time cranking it out but it is moving along, I think I’m about to the halfway point for this back piece! I love watching those center diamonds come together.

The combination of smooth cotton yarn and the slick aluminum needles means that this is my at-home knitting project. Almost every time I put it in my purse I lose a few stitches off the end. It’s not a hassle to pick them back up but I would hate for something more dramatic to happen in the black hole that is my catch-all bag.Β IMG_3488

The Peony Shawl is my purse knitting because I need to pay less attention to it. I’m getting to close to the texture change and I’m very excited to see how that works up! As always, it’s hard to show all the real progress on shawl projects, they just squish up on these needles, but I hope that the center spine looks longer to you since the last time I shared it!

I’m still totally in love with this yarn, the color is perfect and it’s knitting up beautifully in this pattern!

What are you working on this week?

10 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Every Little Bit Counts

  1. I’ve had the same issue w/losing stitches… and have decided to “invest” in a rubber band to hook the two needles together! πŸ™‚

  2. Look at that kimono grow! That sounds like a perfect recipe to have the whole thing fall off and unravel, I wouldn’t want to carry it around either!

  3. With all my recent FOs, it’s time to get back to some languishing WIPs and some design work. So, I’ve pulled Snape’s Stockings out of pseudo-hibernation and I’ve been working on the second sock for the last couple days. I’ve also frogged a sock design for the THIRD FRICKIN’ TIME and I think I’ve come to terms with the fact that it’s not going to do what I want it to do….and it’s going to be okay. ::sigh::

    1. You’ve been cranking those WIPs out! Way to go! Sometimes designing is just like that – you work and work and work and knit and frog and knit and frog and it just won’t cooperate! I’m sorry you’re having to go through that 😦

  4. Both projects are coming along! I’ve got a baby blanket (again) to cast on in cotton and I feel your pain with the sly end stitches wanting to escape! Also the Peony shawl is a beautiful color!

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