A New Family Member

I apologize for the radio silence last week, I was just getting back in my routine and all of a sudden, totally unexpectedly (ok, maybe a little expected.  maybe.) a new niece was born to me!DSCN1673

She’s cute and tiny and a perfectly little wrinkled person.  I’d never seen a human only a few hours old and although she looked like a squished alien, she was the cutest squished alien there was.

There’s a decent chance baby (and toddler, her brother is 2) knits will hit the space periodically, but I promise to resume knitting content soon.

3 thoughts on “A New Family Member

  1. That’s fantastic, Holly! Babies are the goofiest looking things when you’re new to them. After a while the wrinkly alien thing wears off. 🙂

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