FO Friday: Mom’s Clapotis Cowl

So there was that seekrit project floating around before the holidays, remember?IMG_2111

I finished it in time but the recipient, for various reasons, didn’t get it until recently and now that she has, I can share with you all what it was!IMG_2110

I made my momma a circle-scarf based on the Clapotis pattern out of Lisa Souza Sock! in the Mardi Gras colorway.  This was a super special project for me for a multitude of reasons

  1. She ordered this yarn when we were at Stitches South in 2011 on a mom-daughter trip.
  2. She originally wanted to use it to make the Clapotis but decided to give me both skeins to make her a Citron with, that only took one of the skeins the other has been waiting patiently for me to knit it up since then.
  3. I didn’t want to knit it into anything for myself, it’s her yarn and she deserved it!
  4. On a recent mom-daughter outing, we saw a lot of these circle-scarves in stores and she was interested in and curious about them.

Cue the light-bulb moment!IMG_2115

I would make her a cowl like these ones we’d seen in the Clapotis pattern out of the yarn she’d originally intended for said Clapotis!IMG_2121

Obviously, there were a few mods, I didn’t make it nearly as wide as the original pattern and I made it a bit longer so that I could sew the ends together and she can wrap it around her neck a few times but not so long that she can’t wear it singled.IMG_2124

Have you done any gift-knitting recaps yet?

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