WIP Wednesday: Little Projects Making Up A Big One

I have so many projects on the needles, guys. Seriously. I usually (lately, at least) try to be a monogamous knitter so that I can actually make progress on a thing and finish it in a reasonable amount of time. Beer time with friends helps.IMG_5588

I’ve got 3 sweaters (2 of my own design) happenin’ and all in various stages of completion.IMG_5595

I also recently started an accessory project that I’m excited to share with you (not now, but soon!).IMG_5554

The big project referenced in the title? Life.

I’m building my life again, as usual and as some things feel like they’re falling into place, others feel like they’re falling right now and floating around, needing a seat belt to keep them in place.

What are you working on this week?

One thought on “WIP Wednesday: Little Projects Making Up A Big One

  1. I hear you! Beer time with friends definitely makes project progress happen 🙂 Hopefully things will settle down for you while you start you life in a new place. Looking forward to seeing the designs!!

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