Artistic Differences – A Review

When Talitha Kuomi approached me recently about reviewing her new book Artistic Differences I jumped at the opportunity.IMG_6646

This collaboration with Classic Elite Yarns was Tal’s first real chance to express herself more fully and the finished result is packed with beautiful pictures and each pattern knit with two variations!  Tal differentiates the two versions of each pattern with a Rocker version  (on the right in the picture below) and a Boho version (on the left). I love when books do that – show you different ways to spice up your project and make it unique.IMG_6648

The patterns included run the gamut from sweaters to socks, bags and cowls to hats and mitts.  All of the projects would easily translate to real life and I can see many of them working in my own closet!  If I had to pick a fave, it’d probably be Terva but Tensity is up there too – I’m a sucker for a good knitted purse.IMG_6647

One of the best things about the sheer functionality of the book and patterns, in my opinion, is that they’ve provided a wide range of sizes for the garments!  The Terva alone comes in sizes ranging from a 31″ to 58″ bust.  I love when designers and publishers take that into account, don’t you?

Have you seen Artistic Differences yet?  What’s your favorite pattern?

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