WIP Wednesday: Something a Little Different

Welcome back for another WIP Wednesday!  Wanna find out more about them or how to join in?  Tami’s blog has all the details!

My WIP is a little different today than normal.  Instead of sharing my current knitting projects (because I have yet to take decent pictures of them) I’m going to share a Pattern in Progress!

The Scholarly Cardigan

What does that mean exactly?  Just that I’m finally in need of test knitters for the cardigan I showed you some time ago!  I meant to get the numbers in line ages ago, but in true school-form, classwork got in the way and I’ve had the time to sit down and figure out the math for the various sizes.

Interested in test-knitting for me?  Check out this thread in my Ravelry Group!

8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Something a Little Different

    1. Yes, I’m replying to my own comment. LOL

      I was just reading your Ravelry link regarding the cardigan. Do you think it would really be a good first sweater? I would really love to make it!

      1. Hey Tami, I do think it would be a good first sweater, as long as you know how to do all the stitches (or most, since it could be a good learning experience) and having a beginner knit from my pattern would help me make sure its written well too!

    1. Tami, The yarn could work, if it gets the right gauge, do you have some in your stash or would you have to order some? As far as other techniques, you need to know (or learn) kfb and picking up stitches 🙂

  1. I checked my stash. No sport weight D.K. wool, I’m afraid, that isn’t earmarked for another project. I did find an ice blue acrylic, Bernat Softee Baby, in a very subdued marl: http://www.ravelry.com/people/VenQat/stash/softee-baby-solids–marls

    But I really don’t want to knit your sweater in an acrylic.

    I’m going to order either KP CotLin or Gloss, in a bamboo tan or green. If it gets here in time (unfortunately I knit slow), I’ll see if you still need test knitters for the medium size.


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