Design Decisions

There comes a time (almost every time, probably) in each designer’s life when they are in the throws of creative genius and suddenly, they only have a vague idea of what they want.  Or they have a general idea but pinning down specifics is like tacking jello to a cork board.

In his latest post, The Male Knitter laments about making such design decisions. And just the other day I found myself in this same situation.

Remember that orange hat I was so excited about?  Well, once I got to the length I wanted for the brim, I hit a glass wall.  I knew what I wanted to see on the other side, sort of.  I had been staring at this wall for so long my breath smudged the glass I could no longer see the specifics of the pattern! Every time I wiped away the moisture, the picture was different, but the same.

Almost can't wait for fall, almost

I knew I wanted texture.  Cable-y texture.  Soft cables?  Hard cables?  Thin cables? Fat cables?

Design Decisions had to made.  And they were.  And the hat is on its way to completion.  (and will need test knitters soon, are you interested?)

One thought on “Design Decisions

  1. Good luck nailing down that hat pattern. I’ve been wrestling with my own design conundrums (mostly involving color work) and it’s put me a bit behind. Time to really dig in.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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