FFFO* Friday: We’ve Been Waiting For This Day

I decided today needed a longer title than your typical “Finished Object Friday” and the longer acronym for today stands for “Finally F$%^#*& Finished Object Friday”.IMG_3262

That orange sweater, folks, is finally off my needles for good!IMG_3276

After all that heartbreak and hassle (and fire), this sweater is finished and its beautiful.  I think the open front is going to take a little getting used to because all of my other cardigans (store-bought and hand-made) close in the front but I do love the way this one looks.IMG_3272

I love the color (I don’t know if I told you) and I love the lacy pattern and the solid rib edgings provide a good foundation for the rest of the pretty thing.IMG_3277

I did make quite a few mods:

  • made the size M with extra stitches that I had hoped would give me more front coverage – that didn’t quite work, I think my gauge swatch lied or something
  • I worked the front band ribbing before the sleeves because I was worried I’d run out of yarn (that didn’t even come close to happening, I have tons of yarn left)
  • I added more pattern repeats to the back to make sure it was long enough since it looked a tad short after my first attempt.


Have you finished anything lately?  Epic projects?  Quick knits? doesn’t it feel good to have things finished?!IMG_3281


12 thoughts on “FFFO* Friday: We’ve Been Waiting For This Day

  1. Super cute. I’m about to finish a sweater. Not nearly the epic FFFO you’re dealing with, although perhaps I shouldn’t say that until it’s done. I don’t want to tempt fate.

    1. I love knitting (and finishing) sweaters, aren’t they addictive? Even if they take almost as long to produce as a human child haha at least it’s not going to ask for my car keys in a few years! Get your sweater done before it becomes an epic project, quickly!

  2. Excellent work! It turned out to be truly amazing. I’ve finished quite a few sweaters recently. Right now, my concern is plying this lace weight MCS yarn and spinning a consistent near worsted weight yarn for a friend. The TDF bug got me. 😉

      1. The yarn turned out great. I’m going to have a FO round up on my blog soon. It’s usually best to do it at the end of the month because of the Battlestar Galactica Ravelry group I’m in. Everyone is assigned to either the Battlestar or the Basestar (I’m a skin job.) and each month we have mission options to complete for points. The points are used to determine which side has dominance over the fleet during the course of the year and at the end of the year. So, posting FOs is a good end of the month thing. 🙂

  3. F&*(&#@*(#& Finally!! Haha! It looks great and that color is gorgeous on you! So glad you didn’t let a tiny little fire deter you from finishing 🙂

    So far, I have a lot of things on the needles and one finished sweater that just needs to be blocked and have buttons sewn on… Those are the dreaded tasks for me.

    1. Thanks April! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and I think it’ll get a lot of wear – my coworker even said I should wear it on my next date 😉 Now who doesn’t love a date sweater?

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