Sweater Naming Contest!

So after completing the pockets and sewing them on the cardigan yesterday, I decided that they were unnecessary and took them off.  I like the sweater much better this way.

The only thing I’m having problems with is naming the cardigan, so I decided that I’d ask you!  And, of course, I’m going to make a contest out of it.

I will choose the winning name (or, I’ll let you all vote if there’s a tie) and the reader who submitted it will receive a free copy of the pattern when its completed and written up!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post with your name suggestion.  You can leave as many as you like, but please remember to give me some way to contact you if you are the winner, k?

Ok, hop to it! Name that cardigan!

(I don’t know why the last picture is coming out all pixelated, I’ve tried a million things to get it right, so I apologize!

21 thoughts on “Sweater Naming Contest!

  1. I was going to say Mellow Yellow, because that song came into my head when I saw the cardigan – then I looked it up on wikepedia and saw what the song was about!

    Mellow Sunshine
    Sunshiny Days Cardigan
    Lady Sunshine Cardigan
    Little Lady Sunshine

    Gorgoeous cardigan by the way, can’t wait till you have the pattern out.

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