WIP Wednesday: Sweet Honey

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’m posting a bit later than normal, I hope that’s ok, I do want to share one of the many projects I’ve been working on lately, or at least pieces of it.IMG_7916

The project from last week, being worked in Candy Skein Sweet Fingering in the Honey colorway is now on my blocking mats (play mats found at Target).IMG_7915

I wanted to use up as much of the skein as possible and although I tried to put in one too many rows and had to tink back two rows of hundreds of stitches in order to have enough to bind off, I finally have done the binding off!  This isn’t considered an FO just yet, because of the blocking and end-weaving, but Tami and I have exciting things planned for this piece!IMG_7911

Joining in with Tami, as usual.  What are you working on this week?

3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Sweet Honey

  1. appropriately mysterious photos.

    I need me some blocking boards, i currently use a big piece of cardboard, but last time i retrieved it out of the garage it was full of spiders 😦

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